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Karanvir Bohra Pays Tribute To Sonia And Rajiv Gandhi's Eternal Love Story

Karanvir Bohra Pays Tribute To Sonia And Rajiv Gandhi

Television actor Karanvir Bohra is all set to break some new grounds with his short film 'Ijazat'. It will be based on the love story of former Prime Minister Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi. The actor said that the film has no political agenda and through this, people will get an insight of their personal life and romantic side.

This is a story of a young man who belonged to India’s one of the most powerful political families and a girl who was the daughter of a soldier from Vento, Northeast Italy who had a dream of becoming a flight attendant. It is about determination and conviction of two people in love with each other and their fight against cultural differences and family apprehension to build a life together.

In the film, Karanvir will essay the role of Rajiv Gandhi and Priya Banerjee will be playing the role of Sonia Gandhi. In a press statement, the actor said, “It’s tribute to Sonia and Rajiv Ji’s love story, but it’s is fiction. Neither does it have any political agenda nor is it an attempt to grab eyeballs. It is a simple story which is made to create a different content for audience.”

“It is a tribute to love & peace worldwide. I am an actor and my job is to act but sometimes you come across a idea and you don’t want to wait for someone to back it. This is one such product, may be few year ago it would have been difficult to take such step. But now, thanks to the growing reach of internet, it is easy to showcase one’s creativity so I took this step. I’ve always been fascinated with classic love stories of the 50’s and the 60’s. They don’t white such stories or make such movies anymore,” he added.  

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