It's Our Family Matter And We Will Sort It Out: Kapil Sharma On Spat With Sunil |

It's Our Family Matter And We Will Sort It Out: Kapil Sharma On Spat With Sunil


Kapil Sharma is back to his senses after an ugly spat with his associate and friend Sunil Grover. It happened on a flight, while the crew was returning from Australia after a comedy show tour. Kapil has come up with an excuse that nothing of that sort happened and whatever happened is a family matter and they will solve it.

Kapil Sharma was in the news for this spat with Sunil Grover, who is a popular character of Kapil’s Comedy Show, is mum about the whole affair, but the former came up with a note on facebook, explaining the incident in detail. Here’s the note from Kapil, which reads- 

"Hi, good morning friends. I was celebrating my best time and suddenly I heard a news about me and Sunil paji fighting. First of all, see where it is coming from, what are the intentions behind this? If I fought with him in the flight then who saw it and informed you? Is he trustworthy? Some people enjoy these kind of stuff. We eat together, we travel together...I meet my brother once in a year and spend almost every day with my team, especially Sunil. I love him, I respect him...Yes I had a argument with him but are we not normal people? I shouted at him for the first time in 5 years... itna to chalta hai bhai. We will sit and talk that where is the problem. I love him as an artist, as a human being. He is like my elder brother. Why so much negativity all the time? I respect our media." 

We hope that all differences are sorted out soon and the duo continue to entertainm us.

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