Shah Rukh Khan, The Proud Indian, Says: ‘I will always speak about India’|

Shah Rukh Khan, The Proud Indian, Says: ‘I will always speak about India’

Shah Rukh Khan, The Proud Indian, Says: ‘I will always speak about India’

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s TED Talk in Vancouver has gone viral among the netizens. The actor’s witty one-liners, words of wisdom, thoughts about love and India have motivated many people to follow their dreams. As people all across the globe respond positively to the talk, the actor in an interview spoke about his speech and love for India.

When asked about how he feels regarding the amazing response he is getting for his speech, SRK said, “I’m extremely glad that people liked it. It was more than just a talk; it’s something that I’m trying to convey that I believe our country teaches us. Or at least, what my life in my country has taught me. If I get so much love, then obviously, love does exist in our country. Hamaare desh ke logon ka dil jo hai woh pyaar se bhara hua hai (the hearts of the people in our country are full of love). If you are able to translate that for the rest of the world, that’s fantastic.”

“We have such amazing things happening around [the country] in all the fields. If that feeling of love and all these developments go hand-in-hand, we’ll make a better and happy place for ourselves to live in. If people, especially those who attend TED Talks — and they’re amazing achievers, thinkers and innovators — can get that message, that’d be great,” the actor further added while speaking about the world’s need to know about the modern India. 

The proud Indian believes that whenever he is invited to such global platforms he represents not himself or the film fraternity, but the 1.25 billion people of India.  
Shah Rukh said, “I represent them (1.25 billion Indians) not because I’ve been given that mantle or I’m the best choice, but because I have had the love of all those people, and that has made me the star that I am. I think it all comes from your heart when you are loved so much by 1.25 billion people. So, you are gracious, grateful and thankful to the motherland that you are born in and belong to. The bottom-line is: there is no country better than India.”

The actor’s father was a freedom fighter and which is why patriotism runs through his veins. When asked if he would like to take on the mantle of ‘India’s global ambassador’ he said, “I think not just me, each one of us, when given a chance, choice or moment to represent our country, are global ambassadors for India. I have been fortunate to have been provided with platforms and opportunities to speak about my country or talk about my work through which also I will always speak about India. I think it’s the duty of every Indian to do so.”

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