Shah Rukh Khan's Admission Form LEAKED, His ENGLISH Score Was Appalling|

Shah Rukh Khan's Admission Form LEAKED, His ENGLISH Score Was Appalling

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is hailed as one of the most learned and well-read superstars of the Indian cinema today. He is known for charming his way into our hearts with wit, humour, and intelligence. However, something from his past has recently surfaced that might shock you.

According to a report by mid-day, a student-run online portal of Delhi University leaked his admission form of Hans Raj College in which his class 10th marks are highlighted.

Interestingly, the 'Raees' actor, who recently made waves for his stint at the TED Talks, had just scored 51 in English in his 10th board exams. What’s more, the admin of the Delhi University online portal, Milhaj Hussain, has confirmed the authenticity of the form. 

A student had posted, "We shared it online to showcase that marks don't matter if you are hardworking enough and know your aim in life. And, who can be a better person to set an example than Shah Rukh Khan? Through our portal, we encourage students. Also, celebrity posts attract a lot of traffic and students tend to talk about them more. When it’s the King of Bollywood, traffic is must."

However, Hans Raj College principal, Dr Rama, voiced, "Sharing an admission form is not illegal but making fun of his marks is not right. Students should understand that the scenario was different back then. The marking scheme and checking was different and difficult back then. I feel proud that Shah Rukh is from my college and marks don’t matter, it is the overall development that matters."

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