Aamir and Ranveer are the hottest: Sunny Leone| follo.in

From an adult movie star to a Bollywood star... how has the transition been? The transition has been amazing?
This has been my dream since I entered entertainment and it's finally coming true. As each day passes, I learn something different - good or bad.
Do you feel at home in Bollywood?
I feel like this is where I am supposed to be at the moment. I love it and I have been working hard to stay here and show people that I am a serious entertainer. Hard work and persistence always pays.
The one thing that you love and hate about the film industry.
I love that I get to act. Every day is different from the previous one and I learn something different. Something I hate would be the 5pm junk food that comes to the sets everyday. It's really hard to resist all that yummy fried food.
You're one of the few married actresses who is in demand. What do you think works in your favour?
Well, I see this as a job, but again, I have done everything in Bollywood backwards and my way. I think if you maintain that same aura about yourself, then your fans will always love you.

How do you deal with unwarranted criticism and comments?
It's very hard. I think sometimes people forget that actors are real people with feelings and a heart. But that's the way it is and has always been.
Sex comedy or Horrex... which genre do you enjoy more?
Horror is a genre that I think I will always love but I am sure that I am going to have a blast shooting for Masti Zaade.
How are you as a wife?
We have a very conservative relationship, where, beyond anything else, we respect each other. We are best friends and lovers. I have to say that I believe he takes care of me more than I do of him. I have found an angel that God has sent me and I worship him every day of my life.
Tell us about your personal style.
My personal style would be a little bit of rock and roll, a lot of black and whatever I feel sexy in that day. I am not a pink and roses kind of girl. I love sexy boots all the time.
Mahesh Bhatt once said in an interview that you're shy when it comes to intimate scenes. How true is it?
I might have been shy at that moment because it was the first time I was dealing with a scene like that for a mainstream movie. I didn't know anything about anything.
What is your biggest turn on?
I love a man who is smart and determined. There is nothing sexier than a smart businessman.
Not many know that you do have a religious side to you. Tell us about it.
I am more spiritual then religious. I believe in being a good human being more than anything. But I grew up going to the gurudwara every Sunday and got married in one. So it's a big part of my life.
Why did you choose Sunny as your screen name?
It just happened on the fly and then I was stuck with it.
Who, according to you, is the hottest man in the industry?
Aamir Khan and Ranveer Singh.
Any message for your follo'ers?
I love you and thank you for supporting me during the good times and bad times. I wouldn't be where I am without you all.