Amyra Dastur: I have a perverted sense of humour|

Just three films old, Amyra is already making heads turn. The actress opens up about love and what success means to her. To know more about her, go to
How different does being from Mumbai make you from newcomers who are from smaller towns?
Having lived in a big city like Mumbai, I feel it gives you another personality in a way. Mumbai can eat you up or teach you how to survive because it is a tricky city. I guess living in cities like Mumbai or Delhi makes you slightly more street-smart and alert.
Your two Bollywood flicks have not quite worked at the box office. How important is success to you?
I define success a little differently. My dream from day one was to act and stand on my own two feet. I'm literally living my dream after struggling really hard to get here and that in itself is success to me.
Who do you see as your biggest competitor? And who are the ones you would like to emulate?
Even though I'm a competitive girl, I don't see competition in this industry because every actor and actress has a unique personality that they bring to their films, which is why they get the parts they get. But, my favourite actress is Kangana Ranaut because I find her extremely talented and her story is truly inspirational, especially for non-industry people like me.
Parsis are known to have a great sense of humour. Do you share that quality?
I have a perverted sense of humour as well as a very sarcastic one. I'm a full Parsi, so my family is responsible for my sense of humour.
What is the best thing about being in love?
(Laughs) Your timing is quite impeccable because I just got out of my relationship over a month ago. I guess the best thing about being in love is having that one person who makes you laugh and gives you those butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him. I'm a hopeless romantic that way.
You've worked with three very different co-stars — Prateik, Dhanush and Emraan Hashmi. Do you find any similarities between them?
Prateik and I got along well and he really taught me the dos and don'ts in this industry, which I still follow to this very day. Dhanush showed me how to be humble and he is one of the most talented people I've ever worked with. I learnt a lot about expressing while acting just by observing him. Emraan was an absolute riot to work with. I adore his bitchy sense of humour. He made one statement which I won't forget — Don't sell your soul to this industry. I asked him what he meant and he said I'll figure out as I move forward.
Have you ever been stalked?
I wasn't, but my best friend was stopped by a group of kids when he was in Bandra and they all called him 'Amyra's friend' and took a lot of selfies with him. My best friend stole my stalker experience in a way.
Most memorable fan experience?
When I was at the airport with my family on our way to Thailand, I got stopped by a fan who just couldn't remember my name but called me the Issaq girl. It was really funny and sweet.
Do you look forward to interacting with your fans on Follo? Any message for your Follo'ers?
Of course! I am very grateful to my fans for their love and support and all I want to say to them is just have fun and don' take life too seriously. You only live once.