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Jawed Habib is the man behind the envious bouncy and stylish locks of several Bollywood stars. After studying at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi he went to Morris School of Hairdressing and the London School of Fashion. After returning to India, Jawed introduced Hair Colour to the young fashion conscious India. Jawed has been the Brand Ambassador for Sunsilk Hair Care products, he also holds the Limca Book of Records with a feat of 410 haircuts in a day. As a brand, Jawed Habib has established over 300 salons across India to offer world class hair styling in the country. He has also set up the first of its kind hair styling academies in over 15 cities. On his birthday today, Jawed Habib candidly chats with follo.in… 

Tell us about Jawed as a child?
Jawed as a child… was very shy, timid student. Jawed as a child was a very normal student at school, who was not very keen about education but fared well in everything. As a child my teachers never had complains about me, they were comfortable with me as a student. 
How did the transition from JNU to the London’s Morris School of Hair Dressing and London School of Fashion happen?
My father on October 16, 1983 set up his own salon Habib's Hair and Beauty at the Lodhi Hotel in New Delhi, where my brothers Parvez and Amjad assisted my father and I was always happy sitting at the reception collecting cash. I was pursuing my master's degree in French from JNU (the Jawaharlal Nehru University) and remained reluctant to join the family business. By the time I was 26 I was still confused.  My dad who had himself studied at the Morris School of Hairdressing and the London School of Fashion got me an admission there. He said, “If you don't like it, come back”. It was a nine months-long course and involved about 1500 hours of training and practice. Our college timings at Morris were from 9am to 5pm. On weekdays from 6pm to 11pm, I would work at a local McDonald's store. At McDonalds I discovered the importance of setting up a system. The system is what works; the system keeps things going. It was where I learnt the importance of punctuality and what difference training can bring about. Although I didn't know it then, these were the lessons that I would eventually put into use when I'd start my business.
Tell us about the journey from a student to a celebrated hair stylist.
I returned to India and started assisting my father. This was 1987. Initially when I came back I had no clients. That is when I started teaching. I started conducting seminars and workshops in small towns. Whenever, I would conduct a workshop, I would follow it up with a press conference where I'd talk about the science of hairdressing, why it's important etc. While I was continuing with my workshops, I worked alongside my father and taught at his academy. Then in 1997, I thought that we do something that'd get us the attention we deserve. And so on February 15, I attempted to set a record for cutting hair for 24 hours. I did 410 haircuts and set a record. This was the turning point in my life. I'd stepped out of my father's shadows. In 2000, Sunsilk signed me on as their spokesperson and I became their brand ambassador. It made me a familiar face because I did their shows and appeared in their television advertisements. Then in 2004, I started out on my own.
Tell us something about hair yoga?
Yoga means relaxation. When your mind and body are relaxed, your hair becomes healthy. In this book, I have emphasized on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which will improve the quality of hair. In India specially everyone complains about hair fall but no one will try to find a reason. People opt for shampoos, which eventually don’t help. So one needs to fix his or her lifestyle first then everything else falls in place. 
Give our readers some monsoon hair care tips…
This tip is for all the seasons- shampoo every day. It helps to keep your hair clean and eventually reduces the hair fall. However one should oil the hair shampoo. Oiling works as a lubricant to the hair but it cannot help in hair growth. Also, keeping oil overnight is not very good as it attracts dirt which breaks hair from the root. One can oil their hair two-three hours before a hair wash.
It’s your birthday today! So how do to plan to celebrate the day?
With my family. I am a very private person, I do not like page 3 kind of parties nor do I like to show off. I have always been a family person. So today also I will be spending time with my family. In case on the days when I’m travelling then I make sure to have lunch with my teams.