Daler Mehndi: I’m Planning A Musical Collaboration With Ghulam Ali And A Rapper| follo.in

Did you always want to be a singer? What is the secret behind your powerful voice?

It's a blessing of some force. In fact, I have observed that whenever I perform, my voice sounds different. When I used to watch shows of other people, I wanted to do something big. I wanted to be famous, but I also knew that living in America won't help me. We used to drive our own taxis (Khalsa cabs). We had four taxis and had rented out 16. I thought we could probably have a fleet of 150-200 cabs or maybe could own petrol pumps, four-five gas stations between the four brothers. But I realised this was not my life, I just wanted to be known worldwide. So, I came back to India and started my struggle with life.
Tell us about your struggling days.
I spent two years struggling to get a break, And then suddenly, we came out with 'Bolo Ta Ra Ra'. The album released and became a super duper flop. But soon, the song 'Bolo Ta Ra Ra' picked up with listeners and became a big hit. In fact, 'Dardi Rab Rab' also became such a huge hit that even Amitabh Bachchan sahab called me up. I guess the blessings of big artistes like him worked for me because I don't think I have anything special in me.
Mika has followed in your footsteps and has made a name for himself in Bollywood...
Bollywood is a very interesting place. Just one flop film to your credit and people forget you and you get pushed to oblivion. Mika has made a place for himself in a world like this and I feel good that he has done it all by himself.
These days, rap has become an integral part of Punjabi songs. But you haven't infused them in your work...
In the coming days, music fans will be in for a surprise. I'm planning a collaboration with Ghulam Ali and a new rapper. We want to bring on board a rap singer who is completely unknown to the world. This experiment will be a treat for our fans. Even though there will be rap, it will justify the flow of the composition and will be full of "masti".