EXCLUSIVE | Amal Sehrawat : Rajan Shahi Gave Me A Boost When I Needed The Most| follo.in

Actor Amal Sehrawat plays Sangram in Rajan Shahi's longest running family drama ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ (YRKKH). 

Talking about Rajan Shahi's contribution in his career and his gratitude towards Ranjan, Amal shares, "As an actor we all face high and lows in our career. I remember I was also passing through one of my low phases and then during that point of time I met Rajan Sir. He casted me as Sangram and showed his faith in me. It's been six months that I am playing Sangram and the feedback which I get is very positive. Before this show, I played an aggressive guy for the genius Ram Gopal Varma (Satya 2). So, whoever saw me there were pleasantly surprised to see my mellow character in YRKKH. The character of Sangram is just diagonally opposite to what I played in Satya 2 and as an actor that was  my opportunity to play a different shade. Rajan Sir, who is known for his casting talent,  gave me the boost when I needed the most." 
Apparently the show is ready for another leap and Amal's character also going to revive in the show!