EXCLUSIVE | Shibani Kashyap: I’m Not The Bollywood Archetypal Singer| follo.in

Shibani Kashyap has fused Sufi, Western and Indian styles in her music flawlessly. For a person who is driven by music, Shibani has voyaged across the world and made people happy with her music… Her recent to Jammu & Kashmir was very special for a reason Shibani shares with us exclusively on follo…

How was your Jammu trip and performing for the Army?

It was a fantastic experience! I was in a remote area called Rajouri, 250 kms ahead of Jammu. I was at the India-Pakistan border and once you are there and you see what work they are doing, you understand the delicacy of it. They are there protecting us and our country day in and out. Plus, I know Jammu very well...

How’s that…

Oh, I grew up in Jammu. My father was in the Army too and I have lived for a large part of my childhood in Jammu. I have grown up skiing in Gulmarg, trekking with Jammu’s landscape beauty, flowers, fruits around me. In fact when I went to Jammu this time, I got nostalgic and called dad and I told him the areas I’m passing through. Performing for the Army was really special since I have lived my life with a parent in the Army. The weather was gorgeous!

You do concerts all across the world…Can you name one that you cherish?

I find every concert I do special. I was called to Indonesia for India-Indonesia Day last year and I absolutely loved the experience. It’s so nice to see Indonesians sing Hindi songs! They actually know all the lyrics to the songs. It’s great to see people from across the world accepting Indian music wholeheartedly! I performed for the Royals family of Malayasia two months back and most of the audience there were Malaysians. They were singing all the lyrics too! They loved my jazz and sufi combinations.

How was it working for television in Veer?

My role in Veer was a cameo. It was a nice experience. Thing is, I don’t have the pressure to perform, especially in acting. I’m not in the rat race of climbing up any ladder. Since I knew this is not what I actually do and that it’s just a one-time thing, I was at ease. Even with music, I don’t think of myself in a race. I’m not the Bollywood archetypal singer. I make my own music, do my own thing. I’m not driven my competition.

Are we going to hear something new from you soon?

Yes! I’m working on my new album with Ravi Shergill. We will do a concert to promote it in Dubai. Not sure about the date of release but we’re working on the songs. Plus, I have my own singles I’m working on. So, yes..lots to come!