EXCLUSIVE: On The Festive Occasion Of Diwali, Nimrat Reveals Why Diamonds Are Her Best Friend…| follo.in

Wearing a red strapless Tanieya Khanuja dress, Airlift actress Nimrat Kaur looked absolutely gorgeous at a diamond jewellery store where the actress was present to unveil an exquisite festive jewellery collection. In an EXCLUSIVE chat with follo.in, Nimrat talks about her love for diamond jewellery, she says, "I’m as girlie as any girl can be. I love diamonds, it makes you feel special.”
Nimrat also explains why they say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, “…because they are always with you they never leave you, they have no tantrums or complaints. You just have to put them on all day.’’ Nimrat further reveals that a diamond ring gifted by her mother is really close to her heart.
Talking about her choice of jewellery, she said, "I love to wear jewellery, I like my look to be minimalist but I also enjoy wearing heavy jewellery sometimes. I am very impatient and little bit fidgety with heavy jewels so I like jewellery which I can easily take off and leave somewhere and don’t go crazy about trying to look for. I like jewellery that can swing from any Indian outfit to western outfit like a mix match.’’
When we asked Nimrat what size of diamond does she expects from her dream boy, the diva says, “Yes I demand to be proposed in the most romantic way and I prefer he should go and mine for the diamond himself, I would prefer that.”
While Diwali is round the corner we asked Nimrat about her childhood memories, rituals that take place during the festival and her plans for this Diwali.

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