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Sambhavana Seth has for long tempted men, and refused to fall for me. As she bites the fabled ‘shaadi ka ladoo’, Tehseen Khan spoke to her to know what finally got her to say yes to someone and get hitched. And what she found is the girl is smitten and blushes as she talks about her partner Avinash.  

How did it all start? What was your first impression of Avinash?

We met on a regional dance reality show where he was a participant and I was his mentor. When I saw him dancing the first thing that came in to mind was that he should be the winner of the show. As the mentor I wanted him to win as he was in my team. He is a great dancer and he won the show!
What‘s the best thing about Avninash?

He is extremely caring. It is not important that you love someone. What is important is that someone should love you. He understands me really well. He is a romantic person. He writes romantic poetry. He has written few lines for me as well! He does not want me to change. Not surname change, no change of profession.
When did you start dating? 

We used to meet after the show was over and one day, out of nowhere, said he likes me. I was shocked at first and completed rejected him. However he did not give up and chased me for over a year. It was tough. And then there was point in time when he was the only one beside me. I was hospitalized for 12 days and he took care of me. That’s when I realized that he is the one for me.

That was quite a long wait for Avinash!

I was busy with work and I was genuinely not interested. 
And will you continue working now?

He is supportive and has not problem if I work after our marriage. He is also doing great now. 
How long have you guys been together now?

It’s been five years and we make sure that something new happens every day. You don’t need to do big things to keep your partner happy. Small things bring happiness and I love small surprises. Like some times he calls me while I am at work and tells me he is waiting for me at some coffee shop. He knows I love coffee. 

So has he gifted you anything special on your wedding? 

We keep gifting each other things. My wedding outfit was a surprise for him. 
If there’s a fight, who makes peace?

Off course him!

What you think Avinash likes about you?

I think my honesty. I am brutally blunt and he likes that.
What are the honeymoon plans?

We both have work commitments and I am not keen on a romantic holiday. We keep travelling anyway. I think Avinash has a surprise planned however.

We hear you parents were unhappy with your relationship. Is that true?

Thank god my mother is happy now. I did get engage against their wishes and they were not supportive. After the engagement my father was Ok, but we still had a hard time convincing my mother. She refused to talk to us for five months. Now she is fond of Avinash.