FOODGASM! Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Talks Exclusively To Follo About His Family Holiday & Favourite Cuisines|

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor spoke to follo about his recent holiday with family to the United Kingdom, his favourite cuisine and lots more…!

After how long did you take a vacation with your entire family and how was the experience?

This one family trip to London came after a gap of 6 months, and I must say this has been one of the most memorable ones. It is quite difficult for me to express what the experience was, in words. It was an ideal mix of great location, perfect travel partners and memorable experiences.

Being a renowned chef, you’re a globetrotter. Amongst all the places you’ve visited, where do you feel like re-visiting?

Dubai! I always say that this Arab nation has almost become a second home for me! The food, the culture, the architecture, the people… I absolutely love this city! And I can never get enough of it!

According to you, which place and culture (amongst the ones you’ve visited) has a progressive outlook on food? Where, you think, people love to experiment with food.

Australia for sure is one such country having an extremely progressive outlook towards food!

Amongst all food cultures in the world, which one, apart from Indian, has influenced your creativity the most?

Middle Eastern and South East Asian!