Follo Exclusive: My Daughter’s An Angel And We Are Lucky To Have Her In Our Lives: Vindu Dara Singh|

Vindu Dara Singh, who hit the limelight after winning popular TV reality show Bigg Boss season 3, later appeared with his second wife Dina Umarovain in Power Couple. After his 7-year-old marriage with Farh Naaz fell apart, Vindu fell in love with Dina, a Russian model and today they have a 9-year-old daughter Amelia Randhawa, which according to Vindu is the biggest blessing of his life. Vindu who recently celebrated his birthday had some lovely surprises in store from his little bundle of joy Amelia. In an exclusive interview with follo, Vindu Dara Singh candidly speaks about his daughter Amelia.
Tell us something about Amelia- one of the most special people in your life.
Amelia turned 9 in April this year and we are simply lucky to have her in our lives. She is still just like a baby. She still likes me reading bedtime stories to her, every night, unlike kids these days who are more into the digital mediums. She is old school that way. The most wonderful thing about her is she never ever says no to her mom and me. Recently she comes and says, “I have this party of a school friend to attend.” I just told her, “Baby you will come from school and travel 2 hours to attend the party and then come back after another two hours travel, so I think you shouldn’t go.” And you won’t believe all she said was is, “ok papa.” I really don’t know how has Dina brought her up but she is simply amazing. 
What is the one thing, you have done for Amelia, that has made her marvelously happy…
Oh, I do everything she wants most of the times. However, there is one thing, which had made her ecstatically happy. So when we used to stay in a bungalow we had pets, but after we shifted to this flat we did not keep any pets as I don’t think it’s right to keep pets in the house- though it big. Amelia wanted to pet a cat, so we got her a Persian cat and she was happy and how. Her joy literally knew no bounds. However now I’m little worried, as she now wants a golden retriever. 
Have you ever done anything to upset her? 
Well no, she is a very sweet child, doesn’t really get angry or upset over anything. We have our own set of cute arguments going on all the time but they are never serious. Like the other day she comes to me and says, “Papa, Marathi is so difficult” and I said no its not. We just had this little argument over it and then I agreed to teach her the Marathi poem. Yes, it’s my job to teach her Hindi and Marathi. 
Amelia had many surprises in store for you on your birthday. Tell us about that…
Actually, we were not going to celebrate my birthday since mom recently passed away. But Amelia decided to make it very special for me. She made this video of all my relatives wishing me on my birthday, which was just so touching. The previous night she came to me and said, “Papa, you will have to come to drop me to school tomorrow”. I failed to understand why did she make such a demand as it’s her mom who drops her to school every day, but I still agreed as she threatened me that she won’t talk to me the entire day. She and her mom sneaked in with a cake at 5.45 in the morning to surprise me, thats when I actually woke up. Then I reach my garage to drop her to school, she has this huge hand painted poster on my windshield saying, “Happy Birthday Paps”, yes has started calling me paps now a days.