Gurmeet Chaudhary: I Used To Practice Kick-Boxing On My Brother|

From playing Ram on television to being the bad guy in Khamoshiyan, Gurmeet Chaudhary has had a rather impressive rise to stardom over the last eight years. Below is an excerpt from an interview.

Was it your childhood dream to be a Bollywood star?
Yes! I was so filmi that I was called Shashi Kapoor at home. Like they say, when someone wishes for something passionately, it works out. A small town guy like me coming this far is proof of that. Till date, my friends call me by that name. My elder brother is called Raj Kapoor. My family is a fan of the Kapoor family!
So, who are you a bigger fan of — Shashi Kapoor or Shah Rukh Khan?
I have an emotional connect with Shashi Kapoor for obvious reasons. But Shah Rukh Khan is an inspiration. When I was new in Mumbai, I used to feel low and wonder if dreams actually come true. I used go to Bandra and look at SRK's bungalow. Just looking at it would give me the strength to work harder. I always express my love for him whenever possible. When my wife told him that I am his fan, he said that he knows about it.

Your wedding with Debina was rather filmi. Tell us about it...
We got married before Ramayan happened. We got officially wedded in 2011 but we had actually got married in a temple much earlier in a rather filmi way. A few friends were a part of the ceremony and our families did not know. We hid it from the world as I wanted to do an official wedding when I was capable of fulfilling every wish of Debina.
You worked with Debina in Ramayan, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi, Nach Baliye and Khamoshiyan. We believe you want her to be a part of all your films?
She has been extremely lucky for me. My life changed after she came into it. So, I always ask her to be involved in some way in whatever I do. Even if it is just for a fleeting appearance!
How did your career change after Khamoshiyan?
Now people consider me a part of the film industry and I get offers accordingly. It is my prerogative if I want to do a film or not. So, my career has started all over again and I am working harder than ever.
Kickboxing has been a part of your life since you were a kid. Did you ever beat anyone just to show off what you learnt?
Oh, I have beaten up my elder brother many times (laughs). But I was very protective of him in school and picked up fights with anyone who would bully him.
Tell us about your next Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddoo Deewana...
You were nominated at the Filmfare Awards this year...
I am lucky that I was nominated for my very first film. I have left space on my awards wall at home, just for a Filmfare Award. This time I was nominated, soon I hope to win it. The empty space motivates me.