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It's been over eight years since her debut single 'Ek glassy' struck the right chord with the audience. And Hard Kaur, who became a household name since, says she's readying for more aces. To know more about her, go to www.follo.in/HardKaur.

How did your journey start?
It all started in UK. I fell in love with hip-hop and loved the vocal technique. It allowed you wear what you want, do what you want to. There were a lot of things that I want to put out there and through hip-hop, I found myself. I breathe and live hip-hop.
It is observed that hip-hop is a lot about alcohol and parties...
How can I talk about that when every song that I have done is about alcohol! My mom asked me to make something for my own people, too, and that's why I came up with Ek Glassy. I thought it would get banned, but it became a hit. I've tried to keep negativity away from my music. But I also do real hip-hop for my soul's satisfaction. I have seen that while showing cleavage and talking about alcohol gets more hits, those who have been working sincerely for years have not found an audience yet. I'm not going to die a struggling artiste.
Why do you think it took several years (from mid 90s to 2007) for hip-hop to get popular?
Baba (Sehgal) was doing something fun, but it was not really hip-hop. I don't think anyone took rap seriously before me. I still happen to be the only female rapper. Rapping is not an easy technique. I have spent several nights writing and polishing my work.
How much of work goes into each song?
Oh, a lot. It should have a meaning, similies, and you should be smart with the rhyme and take metaphors. We use all our brain to write 16 bars, and you have to come up with something new every time. But despite so much of effort going into it, people say they don't remember the rap part of a song.
Most rap artistes are from Punjab...
There is no dearth of talent, but we are only giving importance to a select few. That's because we want to listen to party songs and not songs about reality. Also, everybody sounds like Yo Yo Honey Singh these days. I respect him as a producer, but I don't particularly call it a rap. It is entertainment. A genre called desi hip-hop has been created and it is just for convenience, so that we can all do the same thing.
You acted in Patiala House. When do we see you act again?
I am a drama queen but I am not an actor. Today, actors are turning singers. You don't become a singer by using auto tune. Likewise, doing one film does not make me an actress.
We believe you are forming an association.
I'm the director of a hip-hop association. The big fish of the industry don't seem to want to promote these artistes and hence, we have created an association which is for artistes belonging to these five elements of hip-hop - B-boying, MCing, Graffiti, DJing and Beatboxing.
Any message for your fans?
Come on Follo and provide us feedback. Tell us about artistes you believe have the skills and can join us in this journey. Also, if you are an artiste and want to ask any question, I will be more than happy to help you.