I Can Answer Any Question On Films: Boman Irani| follo.in

Recently we had an opportunity to ask Boman Irani five questions, on films and otherwise. Needless to say, just like his ability to floor us with his performances, he had us entertained with his answers too.

The trailer of your next film Santa Banta Pvt Ltd promises a very whacky film. However the danger of doing films, with such characters, is that it can also fall flat. What got you to do this film?
When you do a film, you don’t do it because it is going to be whacky or because it would have a string of jokes. There are no strong of Santa Banta jokes here. It is a story of two detectives who are out to solve a crime. Without a story I am not interested in doing some whacky. I am very clear that if there was no plot I would have not done it.

You are one person I know, apart from Sajid Khan, who possibly knows almost everything about films, almost like an excyclopedia!
Oh I would beat Sajid any day! (laughs) I started watching films very seriously right when I was a child. And various kinds of films. My mother encouraged me and I have a very good memory when it comes to films. You ask me a phone number I would not be able to tell you, but I can answer any question on films. You ask me who was the stunt director on Ben Hur and I will tell you!

In a recent interview you said you don’t rule out trying a new profession or art. You had been a successful photographer before you turned an actor. What next would you like to attempt?
It could be direction. I could be so many things. I would like to go one thing at a time and right now my mind is on acting. But I do get bored very easily. I might just become a travel photographer! I don’t know! I can’t say that I will do the same thing all my life.

You have had a very interesting career so far. Is there a single most brilliant day of your career?
Why should there be one day? Every day should be made into a brilliant day. If I have a bad day at work, I make myself so miserable once I am at home that I will ensure the next day is spectacular. I don’t let go thinking ki ‘jo ho gaya ho gaya’. The attempt is to hit a six on every ball. I think we should be true to your work and yourself.

Finally, do you carry the famous Parsi humour?
Of course! It’s inherent! We make fun of each other.