I Could Marry Woody Allen: Vidya Balan| follo.in

In a rather wacky mood, Vidya Balan talks to Noyon Jyoti Parasara about Kahaani 2 and other stories. Among others she reveals she would loved to marry Woody Allen just to be a part of his films. And that Siddharth Roy Kapur bears the brunt of her anger… all in jets of course.

Since we are here to talk about Kahaani why don’t you tell us one!

Once upon a time in Mumbai, in a suburb called Chembur, was a little girl who did not who she was. By day she was Durga, by night she was Vidya. Because I am nocturnal. I have insomnia. At night I am most awake.

Then you should not complain about not getting sleep.

I need the sleep! I need to sleep later into the morning. When you are promoting films you just don’t get enough sleep. They treat you like you are not a human being anymore. But, I actually love this.

If you are nocturnal, how does Siddharth deal with it?

I have changed my ways in the past two years. Once we got married I realized that he sleeps by 10.30. He is very regimented about his sleep and waking up at 6.45. I can’t do that. I can’t wake up early, but I can try sleep early. What do I do sitting all alone in the night, looking at the beach! I how long can you watch the beach for. Previously I used to wake up Siddharth and tell him to talk to me. And he would say he is listening to me with his eyes closed.

Let’s talk about Durga Rani Singh, your character from Kahaani 2.

I find her fascinating. I feel like there are many people living in her head. I feel like that about myself. On the face of it, she is very withdraw, quiet and living in a world of her own. And then you see those flashes of anger. And then she is accused of murder and kidnapping. It is like a jigsaw puzzle that you trying to piece together. She seems like one person, but her actions point to something else. But who knows what the truth is. IS he really a murder or just mother to protect her daughter.

What would do if you meet a person like Durga Rani Singh in real life?

Honestly, I would keep a distance!

Did you get to see Kalimpong, considering Sujoy uses a lot of  real locations.

It is a small place. And we explored pretty much the whole Kalimpong. But if you ask me where I would like to go back for a shoot or a holiday, it is definitely Kalimpong. It is a gorgeous place. It’s like heaven on earth. It is so unexplored. 

Because we are talking about Kahaani, who is the inspirational person when it comes to storytelling in films.

Woody Allen! I don’t think there is a better story teller than him! I want to marry him! Only because he could make films with me. I am just kidding of course!

Is Kahaani important from commercial standpoint? You have not had a hit in 5 years. Also, now with the demonetisation coming in, does it bring apprehensions?

I don’t think so at all. Every film is important. Whether the previous films have worked or not, my hopes are pinned on the next for it to do well and be loved. In that sense it is important. Commercial success is very important and my heart breaks when a film does not do well because you put some much into it. So Kahaani 2 does not have a special significance or importance today in comparison to what it would have done a year ago.

Coming to reports that you are writing your own story, your book. Comment.

No, that requires too much discipline. I have been approached by lot of publishers to write about my journey so far but I haven’t really taken up on that. I really also need to look at what they want me to talk about.