I Do Not Wish To Glorify My Struggle: Arjan Bajwa| follo.in

Arjan Bajwa is one of the few actors in the industry who have made it big without any godfather. Arjan literally broke the norm when a Punjabi guy starred in about 8 Telugu films. Arjan debuted in Bollywood in Mani Ratnam’s Guru, that’s how he started his journey. Arjan candidly speaks about his journey in the industry until now with follo…

You have made a place for yourself today without any godfather...how has the journey been untill now.
In the industry if you don’t have a godfather then it’s only your hard work and perseverance that keeps you going and works in your favour. You make one mistake and you’re out of the league. If you have a godfather, they keep pushing you to go ahead. Today by the grace of God things are falling in place. I have always believed that quality matter and not quantity. Apart from all this, everyone has his or her own share of struggles. Even a superstar has struggled enough to reach that level. I genuinely feel there is no need to glorify your struggle. 
Who is Arjan Bajwa's hero in real life…
My dad has always been my role model. He is my superhero — the bravest, wisest, most honest, humble, patient and fearless man I ever knew. The things he taught me as a kid are going to stay with me forever.  He has always been a wonderful source of inspiration for me and has helped me grow stronger. 
You have done about 8 Telugu films? Do you prefer working in South Indian films?
It’s really not that I prefer working in Hindi films or Telugu films, I always want to do quality work. When I did 8 Telugu films, it was just that good films kept coming to me and I took it up. Although I was told by a lot people that I look like a north Indian. As long as you like what you see onscreen, that is all what matters.
Does Tv interest you? What kind of a role would you ideally like on television- as in saas bahu dramas or reality shows?
Tv is a really huge medium. But I don’t think I want to do television at this point of time in my career. And reality shows are not at all my cup of tea. 
Tell us something about your role in Rustom
I cannot reveal any details about Rustom as off now, but what I can tell you is, its big film. I idolize Akshay Kumar- his hard work, punctuality is something different all together.  He is one person who doesn’t take anything for granted. I am really happy to work with him.