I Feel Proud To Have Done Music For Beauty And The Beast, Says Leslie Lewis| follo.in

Leslie Lewis is a benchmark when it comes to the indie music scene. He has given us some iconic singles like that of Modern Bread, Vividh Bharti and Samsung fresheterian to name a few. Currently he is busy composing for a web series and giving music for the second edition of Beauty and The Beast.

How difficult was it giving music for Beauty and the Beast?
I would say that it was more exciting than difficult as the basic score was already in place. The original score is by the genius Alan Menken who is a living legend.
The difficult part was to make the audience feel that they were listening to an ‘original' Disney musical right here in India, the kind of grand sound and depth of music they identify with. I recorded the entire musical with a Live Philharmonic Orchestra in Prague.

Did the fact that Beauty and the Beast is a much-loved and famous musical and make it difficult?
Yes, when a musical is as famous and as loved like the Beauty and the Beast, there is a huge responsibility that comes with it. People have grown up with Beauty and the Beast the movie and are familiar with its music. But overall I was very excited to be a part of the project as creating the entire music piece was entrusted to me. I feel proud to have done Beauty And The Beast for Disney India.
How difficult or different is doing a musical as opposed to doing a Bollywood film/album/jingles?
In Bollywood, there is a story and situation to be adhered to and so songs need to be composed accordingly. Also, a lot more people get involved in the creative process such as Director, Producer, Actor, etc.
In Albums, it is about composing what your feelings are or if it’s for another artist, highlighting that artist as a singer.
In Jingles, one composes a tune that musically connects to the correct target segment that the product needs to associate with. So the music is aimed at the customer.
With a musical, the music needs to bring out the emotion of the entire play. Most importantly, this is  Live Theatre and all the voices are acting and singing Live so every day there is a subtle difference to the same play.
It sure is much more difficult than most of the other mediums.

The  music binds the musical together, how was it working with so many people?
Challenging and yet artistically beautiful. I interacted with the various levels of direction, production and performance areas. Also I got to meet new and young talented performers.

What kind of references did you take in consideration while working on this project?
No references except for the original score and the director's vision which was very clear and very focussed.
Any more musicals that you will be doing in near future?
Yes there are plans. You will hear about them soon.

What is on plate for you next?
A sea of Live Concerts and Performances around the country!
Music, Music & More Music!