I Miss Sitting And Talking To My Mother – Manoj Tiwari | follo.in

How much has your life changed after entering politics?

I have been so caught up in campaigns and other related activities that I have not had a good night's sleep. On the personal front, I miss sitting and talking to my mother
Do you think Bhojpuri films can be remade in Bollywood?
A film is remade only when its content is good, no matter how small or big the film is. It's happening in the South. People in the East and North don't make such films. If they have to spend to make a film, they will do it in Hindi.
You debuted as a singer in the film Gangs Of Wasseypur. Are there chances of you debuting in Bollywood anytime soon?
I definitely want to sing for bigger films. It was a big deal for me to sing for Anurag Kashyap's film. He gave me a really nice song to sing, one that will become a Bihari anthem for the coming generation. The song takes away all your depression. I am waiting for another good song to come along. I have been offered a Hindi film recently and we've started working on it but I can't say much about it since it's still in the initial stage. I'll keep giving updates to Follo, though!
What is your fitness mantra?
I play cricket. That could be a reason to my fitness. I play quite often.
What's your reaction to Sunny Leone's condom advertisement controversy.
I personally don't agree with what Atul Kumar Anjan said about Sunny Leone or against her - that her actions increase the chances of rape for women in our country. However, I have a different issue. I think a condom ad should feature someone who has some kind of standing in the society. People must respect that person. Otherwise, people won't take it seriously. The aim should be to wipe out the taboo attached with condoms.
What are your upcoming projects in Bhojpuri cinema?
My film Yadav Paan Bhandaar is about to release. I am currently dubbing for it. It's the story of a girl who owns a shop called Yadav Paan Bhandaar. It shows the plights of single shop owners and urbanization. She tries to save her humble shop from being destroyed.
Do you have any message for your Follo'ers?
It is the Navratri season and for ones who believe and follow Maa Durga, I request that you pray for your mother to Goddess Durga. I've even sang a song related to this in the film Yadav Paan Bhandaar.