I Still Watch Cartoon Network: RJ Rocky | follo.in

 Rj Rocky is the man who brings the desi flavor to RedFM. From a wana-be actor to one of the most rocking RJ- RJ Rocky has won the love of all his listeners. RJ Rocky is famous for the show Vellapanti.com and Morning no 1. Count on him to get out of sticky situations with his on-the-spot, think-on-his-feet ideas. In a candid chat with RJ Rocky , he speaks his heart out about work and life…

Tell us something about RJ Rocky as a child
RJ Rocky as a child… I’m still a child at heart. I still do all those bachpan wali harkate. I still love to play gilli danda and kanche (marbles). When I’m at home I watch cartoon network as well. Apart from all this I feel, everyone is a child at heart that feeling never goes away from a person. 

Any particular memory of your childhood...
Oh there were plenty. I was a very naughty child. During school days, there was this chole samosa wala near our school, we used to go and eat there like religiously. He is still there, whenever I’m in the city I still go an eat there. I also used to play cricket for school and college. Once I remember, my dad had really spanked me bad. So there was this river near our home,we used to go swimming there, and dad always used to warn me saying, “do not go near the river”. Once he saw me there and really spanked me bad. Then there were mango and Guava gardens, we used to spend out afternoons there. Village memories are awesome 
How did you become a RJ- planned decision or destiny? 
Well it was not definitely planned it just happened. The original plan was to become an actor. I was doing theatre since my school, and then I did hosting in college days. I always wanted to become an actor. Basically I’m from Karnal, Haryana; in 2003 I came to Delhi and started doing theatre. Then I headed to Mumbai to try my luck in acting. However, nothing really happened in Mumbai so I came back. That time someone told me to try my luck as a Rj. So I decided to try that and got selected Red FM. I then moved to Jaipur for a year and half and then in 2008 I came back to Delhi.

Tell us about one of your most memorable interview until now
All my interviews have been memorable. More than the interview, it is about meeting all the stars, that is memorable. Once I did an interview with the Housefull star cast, then I also did an interview with Pyar Ka Punchnama cast- they loved my show. Once I did an interview with Abhishek Bachchan and that was memorable because he talks very less and I talk a lot. Everyone who comes here is very comfortable and so it’s fun. I met SRK once and shared stage with him that was like memorable for me; this was for India Poochega Sabse Shana Kaun. I also did interviews for IIFA (Singapore).

How has the journey been until now…
The journey started in Jaipur and it has been an amazing journey. I love my work, I love doing the shows every day, I love coming to work every day. Also my audience love my show. It’s like you come to Delhi and ask anyone “Delhi ka Sabse Bada Vella Kon” and they will be like RJ Rocky. I do a show in Mumbai also namely-Rocky Mera Naam, because of the show it is very easy to connect with people.  On the acting front, I did Savdhaan India, which will air, from July15. 

Any advice for budding RJs.
See the problem these days is, everyone feel that if you take up an Rj course you can become an RJ. But it doesn’t work that way. The only advantage you have when you take up a course is that, you get good contacts. My advice to youngsters is that please study well, get an understanding of good and bad, then perhaps you can decide what is right and wrong.