I Was Born on Holi Day, Says Birthday Star Aamir Khan| follo.in

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan came out for a media meet on his birthday to thank his fans and well wishers. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:-
What is your birthday wish this year?
This year my biggest wish is… I think my mother is 80-years-old and my biggest wish is that the house she has spent her life in I want to buy and gift her that how... so that she can go back to her childhood. My mom has spent her childhood in Benaras and I want to gift her the house she lived in. And if I can own my mother’s house I will be more than happy.
On the birthday gifts and wishes you received?
My son has gifted me this t-shirt. Kiran and Azad were the first to wish me. Actually I was sleeping on bed when Azad came and wished me first.
Are you releasing your Dangal movie on August 15?
Rumours about Dangal’s release are wrong. We are not releasing the film on August 15. We will release the film on Christmas only.
What are your birthday plans for today?
I'll spend the day with my mom and family and in the evening my brothers my sisters will meet at mom’s place.
You have gained a lot of weight for Dangal.
For Dangal film I went upto 90 kgs and now I have reduced to 82 kgs. Now I want Ghajini look. I want that type of body. Gaining weight is easy, not for everybody, but it’s difficult to reduce and I am doing it now. In fact I went on a weekend diet because it's an easy diet. I am not a hardcore vegetarian. For next 3 months my dietician has suggested me to have high protein food like fish and I had an argument with him. I am taking 6 months to reduce my weight. For last 3 weeks I was in US to focus on my weight loss. I was doing 6-7 hours exercise. I was only sleeping, eating and working.
On the relation between a star and his fan.
Relation between audience and star is not made in a day. You make and grow a relation with every film. This relation grows with every film. I think every relation has its own beauty and every film connects you with your fans...and it gets stronger with your work, and it shines in your personality. I value my relationship with fans.
What are your plans for the career of your children Junaid, Aira and Azad.
I am not thinking about the careers of Junaid, Aira and Azad. Currently, I am thinking only about my career. But I would like to support my children Junaid, Aira and Azad in whatever they wish to do. I want them to take their decisions themselves on what they want to do and when they want to do.
On Salman Khan’s Sultan.
I am looking forward for Sultan. I am really looking forward for film.On Eid, we all will watch Sultan. I am eagerly waiting for the film.
Aamir’s reply on controversy surrounding him.
I think majority of the audience knows me.  And my relationship with them is of over 27 years. So the people who question me I think are people who are already biased against me. So no matter what I will do they will question. I don’t react to that because no matter who you are, no matter what you do in life people raise questions on you, people doubt you. The important thing is that you should not be negative. You should be positive.
Aamir’s plans of joining politics.
There are many celebs who have been in politics. I think every person has own passion and some people are interested in politics and some are not. But they have become famous that should not be the reason of joining politics. As far as I am concerned I contribute socially. I need not join politics. The kind of position I am in, I can contribute socially.
Aamir’s Holi wish for fans.
I would like to tell everyone that I was born on the day of Holi. 14th March 1965 was a day of Holi. On Holi, I would request to use minimum water while playing Holi and would be great if we don’t use any water. Let's have a dry Holi. Let's really value water.