I don’t think I have crossed limits with Wajah Tum Ho: Sana Khan| follo.in

Two years after Jai Ho, Sana Khan finally gets a Bollywood film. And this time she has upped the hotness quotient by quite a bit as she goes bold for the role. Watch Sana Khan defending her choice and asserting that there are plenty other actresses who have actually cross the ‘limits’. 

It took you a while to get back on screen after Jai Ho.

It has taken quite long to reach here and I am very grateful to Vishal and T series for believing in me. Especially when you lose the belief in yourself… it was very important to give me back the confidence that I lost somewhere. I am very excited. I have given my heart and soul to Wajah Tum Ho. And the way the responses are coming, it will definitely be something that I am going to cherish my life for sure.

And you have come back much bolder, when it comes to your appearance on screen.

I have always felt that the actress should look pretty and desirable. Then comes acting, which is again very important depending on the role you play. And I don’t think I have crosses all limits of boldness. There are so many films or late where people have actually crossed the lines. I think I am still very shy but if you want to be an actress, itna open toh hona bohot zaroori hai (You got to ok with this much). Otherwise I might as well do a religious film!
Any particular reasons for you to take up this film, considering you were off screen for so long?

There were multiple reasons for me to do this film. But most important of them was to be a part of a right project. After my last film, the cameo that I played, I waited for two years. When someone waits that long, it is always for the right project. When it heard this script I realized the two-year long wait was worth it. This film is going to be big. Also that fact that the last two films made by Vishal (Pandya) have been hits added confidence. Everyone wants a hit. That apart, this is the first time I am playing a full-fledged heroine in a Hindi film.
Were you ever nervous when you were required to shoot intimate scenes?

Of course it was there. Even when I signed the film I knew there were going to be some hot scenes and that made me nervous. One day before we started shooting a scene I was very nervous. It is important that people you are working with making you feel comfortable. Which is what Vishal, Gurmeet (Chaudhary) and our DOP did. It is also about how the DOP would shoot. There is a very thin line between looking sensuous and vulgar. I knew that I am going to look sensuous as Vishal is pro in making girls look so beautiful. I can proudly say I have never look so pretty in my life on screen. Also we did all scenes in one take. That’s very important.