I stare at people at parties: Shama Sikander| follo.in

This Diwali we caught up the stunning Shama Sikander for a conversation on Diwali over a game of teen patti. In the exclusive interview with Noyon Jyoti Parasara, she revealed what she does at Diwali parties where people play cards, which she has no aptitude for. Read to know more.

Have you ever played cards in Diwali?

Never! This is my first time. I don’t think I have ever understood cards. All my friends tried their best to teach me teen patti and god knows what all.

So you have never been the celebrity card parties during Diwali?

I do go. But I just go and look at people.

That’s strange because usually, it should be the other way round – people looking at you.

That does not mean that I can’t look at people. I can look at people.

And do you see them staring at you?

A lot of time!

How do you deal with that?

Sometimes I just stare back. I like to make people conscious.

Any other card games that you may have played

I know how to play Uno. (laughs)

Talking of cards and gambles, what is the biggest gamble you are willing to make in life, for the most important thing in your life!

Love is the most important thing in my life. And I am willing to bet anything for that. Life itself. Without love there is not life.

There were reports that you went into depression in between. What happened? Were there any trigger points?

There were many trigger points. At different stages in life, you go through different turmoil and stress and they change you. When you go through depression or bipolar disorder or any kind of disorder these things really take you to the darkest space. I don’t think there is anything darker than that.

It’s happy times and we are happy to have you back to normal. Let’s talk about Diwali crackers.

No crackers! I am phooljari myself. No crackers for me.

And sweets?

Ah, I love sweets.  But also work our really hard. I work out for two hours a day. Of course, I don’t eat it every day.    

What is the most interesting Diwali moment ever that you have had?

This is the instance why I hate patakhas. My uncle would get a bagful of crackers and as a child I used to love it. He gave me an anar (flower pot) and said I would like it. I lit one and it did not work. Then like a fool, I went looking into it and it went wham. I just got saved from burning my face. The sparkles were all over me. From then on crackers give me chills.

Now that you are back, we saw you did a couple of short films and now doing a web series with Vikram Bhatt. Tell us about it.

Maya is going to be another shocker. I know Vikram for past six years. He was just narrating this idea to me around five years ago. He spoke about his plan to make this erotic film and I was wondering how is he going to make this with so much censorship. But with erotica there was a very emotional and intense subject that any actress would love to play. I just wished he offered me the role. I was not even confident if I could be able to pull it off. And then we forgot about it. After all these years the man offers me the same role!