I want to play a villain: Amrita Rao| follo.in

Why do we see so little of you?
I am tagged as a very choosy actress, but the fact is that I'm just a little careful. I want to be a part of films that I feel proud of and not just the song and dance kinds. If you look at any actress' career graph, there'll be just those one or two films that you remember the actress for. For me it was Vivah.
You mostly have a girl-next-door image. Is there a wild side to you?
The girl-next-door image is something I've earned because of the roles I have played. But I would love to do a role that would break that image. For instance, I'd love to play a negative role and that might just shock my audience.
We've heard you have a couple of women-centric films in your kitty. Tell us about it.
I think it's a great time for actresses. It's refreshing when heroines call the shots in a man's industry. Vivah was one such film although people may have different opinions on it. After Vivah there were a string of films like Fashion, Vidya Balan's films, then Queen and Mardaani. It's a revolution of sorts for women right now. Today I feel more confident doing women centric films and I'll start work on them by the end of this year
Among the male stars you have worked with, who are you most comfortable with on screen?
I had the good fortune of working with Mr Bachchan recently. And I think working with Big B was the most comfortable and easy experience because behind all that aura is a very simple person.
Do you feel the pressure with so many newcomers?
Of course. I live in a time when the career span of actors is getting shorter, but I would not say this is new. The demand for new faces is a new trend that has hit cinema. And I don't know how long it'll exist.
What's the secret behind your lean, toned body?
The secret is that I die Eating not Dieting. I'm just blessed with good parental genes.
Do you have a dream role?
I've always been a retro fan. Everything about the golden era fascinates me. I would like to recreate that era. That feel is something that is missing in today's glamsham.
You've only worked with one Khan (SRK) till now. What about the other Khans?
I've always been a fan of Aamir Khan. I think he's the kind of actor, any actor should desire to be. I have admired Salman Khan for the swashbuckling style that just comes to him. He's very stylish and is a trendsetter. SRK is someone who is self made. He puts his mind to his imaging and branding. They are like the Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh of the film industry.
Your role in Vivah was MF Husain's muse. Tell us about your relationship with him.
On the September 17, 2014, if MF Husain was alive, he would have been 99 years old. I remember the last conversation I had with him very vividly. There was a certain reverberation in his 'Hello' and then he would burst into this child like chuckle. He was very passionate about cinema although he was a painter. He would discuss films and would ask me about the films I watch. When I last spoke to him he was excited about touching 100 years according to the lunar calendar. I still can't believe that he's no more.
Any message for your follo'ers?
In today's time everybody wants you to be competitive. There is a lot of pressure. In the wrestle to be a successful person, everyone has become negative and this is something that bothers me. In today's times for people to become more positive has become a bigger challenge than become successful. Being positive is the only way you'll be happier.