I'd like to dance with Salman: Neetu Chandra| follo.in

Rumours have it that Randeep Hooda and you are back together?
Randeep and I are not back together, I am very much single. As far as marriage is concerned, I am not even sure if I want to marry.
Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra got married after along courtship...
I'd like to congratulate them and offer my best wishes. They look gorgeous together.
Tell us about your Greek film, Block 12.
Block 12 has shaped up well. It is under post-production and has gone to various film festivals. I am the first Indian actor to act in a Greek-English film and it was an amazing experience.

You are a black belt in Taekwondo. Have you ever put your skills to practice?
Taekwondo has been my soul since childhood. I am a black belt and I practice thrice a week. Whatever I am today is because of Taekwondo.More than fighting, it is all about peace.
An actor you have the hots for...
The list is long, but I really like Salman Khan. I'd like to dance with him; he dances really well. c If you were to have a lesbian encounter with an actress, who would it be? That's a scary question. I can't even imagine an encounter like that.
What is your weirdest phobia?
A lesbian encounter. I can't imagine another girl touching me.
The best compliment you have ever received...
That my eyes talk...
And the worst criticism?
People hardly understand an athletic body here and I've always had one.I'm voluptuous but toned. But, people don't understand that and hence, keep saying that you need to lose weight.
Any comments on Anushka Sharma's lip job.
She has made it clear that she was experimenting for a role. Therefore, I don't think I should say more.
Any thoughts on Tiger Shroff?
I think Tiger is a hardworking guy. I have practised with him as a martial artist. He has a bright future.
Who has the best body in Bollywood?
It has to be Hrithik Roshan. He undoubtedly has a superb and toned body.
Name a Bollywood celebrity who fits into each of these categories...
A dream date -Shah Rukh Khan
Most under-rated actor Abhishek Bachchan
Most over-rated actor Katrina Kaif
Love of your life -Myself
Best friend -My mother
Enemy in disguise -Neetu Chandra, when she is angry.You don't want to mess with her then.
One line advice you would like to give to the following actors:
Akshay Kumar: He should do martial arts with me, so that we can promote martial arts in India.
Suniel Shetty: He should laugh more often.
Madhur Bhandakar: I don't think Madhur should launch himself, even if everyone tells him he has lost weight and looks fabulous.
Kangana Ranaut: She should keep up the good work she is doing.
Deepika Padukone: She should take risks and do different roles.
Ranbir Kapoor: He should do some negative roles that would make him look like a macho guy instead of a chocolate boy.
Katrina Kaif: She should work more on her acting skills.