I'm outrageously sexy: Sophie Choudry| follo.in

Why is a gorgeous and talented lady like you still single?
I ask myself this every day. My friends say I'm too picky. I think I'm a diehard romantic. People equate me with a sexy, glamorous image, but my values are very much the opposite. Whoever has come into my life has treated me like a princess. So, I'm a little bit spoilt. I want that. I don't think relationships should be frivolous. But I haven't found the right guy. I think love should happen in a big way. I want to find the one and not many.
Who is your kind of man?
It's not about Greek God looks for me. I want somebody who is intelligent, witty, well-travelled and classy. There's no ideal man. It's basically about being with somebody who you can be still with and also go wild with, somebody who doesn't try to change me too much. That's really important because girls these days are independent and you need somebody who's not threatened by it.
What is a deal breaker for you in a relationship?
Cheating, for sure. I think every relationship is built on trust and once the trust is gone, it's hard to rebuild that. One thing I can't bear is lies.
You have done a lot of item songs. What's your take on them?
People think I have done more item songs than I actually have. I love item songs, I have no issues with them. I have been offered a few, but I didn't like the lyrics, so I didn't do them. I am not trying to be moralistic about it. I like to believe that I'm somebody who carries herself with grace and dignity even if I am outrageously sexy. I don't think I have ever done anything vulgar and cheap.
You have a massive following on social networking sites. Any crazy fan experience?
The fun things have been marriage proposals, which are cute and funny. And then, there are not-so-fun things, the odd haters and the ones who think using bad language will give them attention. Fortunately, there's a block button. By and large, 99% of the people who follow me are positive and supportive. The amount of response I got during Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa was tremendous. It was because of the response on social networking sites that they actually called me back to perform at the finale.
Any fashion tips you'd like to give your fans?
I genuinely love dressing up. In London and Paris, people are always fashionably dressed. But Mumbai has a special jhalla culture. One thing you need to remember is to be true to yourself. Fashion is fun, but always be comfortable in what you are wearing. What you wear is an extension of your mood and how you want people to perceive you. Don't dress up for other people, dress up for yourself.
What is the secret behind your toned figure?
I do pilates. I train with Yasmin Karachiwala, who's the secret behind Kareena, Deepika and Alia. I have bad knees, two slip discs, but I'm quite determined and strong. I believe in consistency. I'm a Punjabi and I have a huge sweet tooth and can't diet. But I have everything in moderation and that's the secret. Dancing everyday for six weeks helped me get a better body.
Any message for your follo'ers?
Thank you so much for all the love and support that you have given over the years. I hope to continue to work and win your hearts and do better work. Stay positive, stay happy, that's the only way to live life.