I'm protective about my love life: Bipasha Basu| follo.in

Tell us about your upcoming film Creature 3D.
Creature 3D is the first creature feature of India and I’m excited to be a part of the film. When you’ve done every kind of genre, you always want to do something new. And my association with Vikram Bhatt has been fantastic over the years. My role is that of a passionate hotelier who opens a small boutique hotel in a forest. And soon these creature attacks start. Although she has always run away from her problems she doesn’t want to quit this time.  Life teaches her to become brave.
Raaz 3 was also a 3 D film. What is it about 3 D that you like so much?
When you have the technique like 3 D you can use it in action and horror films. It’s an additional tool with which you can excite and entertain the audience.  And why not. We are in the entertainment biz so it’s always good to have an additional to tool like this.
Creature 3 D looks like a horror film but you disagree with it. Why?
While the film does belong to the horror genre it is not a supernatural film. It’s like any creature film like Anaconda, Jurassic Park. These films have fear as the basic emotion but it’s not a fear of the unknown. We have given our creature Hindu roots because we didn’t want to borrow it from the west. We have taken the essence of a brahmarakshas and given those elements to it.

What are your plans for settling down with Harman?
There’s going to be a day when I settle down though I don’t know when. Everyone’s life is unpredictable so till it doesn’t happen I’m not going to say that it’s going to happen. It has to happen first. I’m protective about discussing that area of my life now.
Do you see yourself judging or participating in a reality show?
Yes for sure. I love entertainment  and love to watch all talent shows. It takes a lot for people from all walks of life to come together and put their talent forth. I would be a fair judge.
What’s your take on South Indian films being remade in Hindi?
If the film’s good then what is the problem. They should do some remakes of Bengali films as well because there so many good Bengali movies out there. We remake Korean and English films then why not regional films.
Talking about Bengali films, are you going to be working in one?
I am very keen to work with Srijit Mukherjee and he had offered me his last film but it didn’t work out. But I’m looking forward to working with him.
There’s a trend of actors singing in movies. Do you see yourself doing that?
I don’t see myself doing that because I’ll sound like a frog. Very often when I’m staying in a hotel during shoots abroad and call up the room service, they always say, ‘Yes Mr Basu...’ So  I don’t think I’m getting there though I envy people who can sing because I love music. But unfortunately I can’t sing.
When are we seeing your next fitness DVD?
In my fitness venture, Love Yourself, I have come up with 3 DVDs already and I’m working on something much bigger than that. It will be launched in Jan and that is when I’ll talk about it. I’m going to take Love Yourself a step forward now.
Your item song Beedi jalayle was such a hit song.  Do we see doing something similar anytime soon?
I would love to do something like that. Many times offers have come about but didn’t work out due to logistic reasons. But I wouldn’t mind doing one in the future.

Your Hollywood film Lover is up for release. How was the experience?
The Lovers was the most amazing experience. After working in the Hindi film industry for so many years I needed a change. It was one of the most beautiful, romantic films I’ve done.
It’s been in the making in a long time...thank god everything is sorted. I’m getting a lot of appreciation for it. I needed that opportunity to feel that I’m a good actor.
Do we see you doing any more foreign films?
I would love to but the kind of time that needs to be invested is too much. I don’t think I can go and live abroad. To go there and get jobs is something that’s not for me.
What are the fitness fundas and beauty tips that you’d like to share?
I’m a believer of Love Yourself. Every human being should invest in their health. We find excuses to get out of that. I try to tell people that you if you want to lose weight, look good you’ll have to give it time. There are no shortcuts. You should have a disciplined life. You need to devote an hour everyday to do something active.
Any message for your Follo’ers?
I’m very grateful for the love I’ve received from my fans. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been here for this long. I love my job and my profession. It gives me the platform to talk about so many other things, like health and fitness. So I’m really grateful to them.