In conversation with Ahsan Khan|

Ahsan Khan with his chocolate boy looks and dreamy eyes has become a household name in Pakistan and is all set to take India by storm with the telecast of his super-popular tele-serial, Meri Zindagi Hai Tu. We managed to catch Ahsan for a quick tete-a-tete during his time in Mumbai.
So, tell us something about Meri Zindagi Hai Tu.
Meri Zindagi Hain Tu is a beautiful story family drama with a twist. It is a story about a young girl from a broken home, who becomes obsessed with her aunts fiancé and then there is a twist, one can say it is the story of intentions gone wrong. The sensitivity and complexity of each character is what makes it relatable and endearing to watch. It is quite an interesting show with a quite different storyline, and I believe that it will resonate very well with the audience. The director Amin Iqbal is a very good director and my co-actors Maya and Ayeza are very popular in Pakistan, so it is a good combo.
How well do you think will this story find connect with audience in India?
I believe that people of both, India and Pakistan have similar emotional quotient. I mean, you watch a Bollywood film, same emotions, you watch a Pakistani drama, same emotions! There is no difference in emotional sensibilities of both the nations. I feel it will be easily accepted by people, irrespective of the nation. The story is very likeable, I am already getting messages from fans, and as I am in Mumbai, I have met a couple of people and they are loving what they see.

Tell us how difficult it was getting in the psyche of this characterwith so many layers and is dealing with two women who have different personalities?
(Laughs) To be honest, it was not difficult at all! Some efforts have to be made to get in to the psyche. This guy, he treats the little girl like the family child, and showers her with special love and attention, which she takes in a wrong manner. She takes this attention in other manner, and develops crush on him and turns in to a negative character. There is also a clean and emotional romantic track between me and Ayeza where the family bonding shown. It is a family oriented show.
As you are in Mumbai right now, have you met anyone from the fraternity? Moreover, how is the Indian Film Industry according to you?
There is no question about it, Mumbai Film Industry is wonderful and has done some wonderful work. I have met a few directors and had a few meetings as well, that is in fact the reason why I came to India! I have some friends and family here as well, so it has been wonderful. I am getting a lot of love and giving a lot of love as well, so it is mutual.
So, given a choice, which medium would you to prefer to work in, TV or Movies?
To be honest, I would like to explore cinema now. I mean I have worked for a long time on television back home in Pakistan. I have explored TV extensively as a medium, I mean I have done more than 60 serials. So I would like to work in films, I have spoken to a few people, but nothing is concrete as of yet. Obviously, I will let you know if something nice comes up!
Does the fact that Maira Khan, Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar etc are now household names in India help?
Of course! Whenever some actor from Pakistan comes to India, makes waves and gets so much adulation, it feels very nice. In addition, all the actors have such a positive image, they have been working well and acting well, so it does become easier. It is easier now for the directors to trust us, as they have seen the ethic. The fact that they can see our work on Zindagi now helps. I believe if all of the actors, producers, directors and musicians from across the border can build trust, it will implicitly help both the nations flourish and prosper. 
Before coming down to Mumbai did you call up Fawad or Maira, to ask for some tips and advice, just talk and understand how is the industry here?
(Laughs) Not exactly! To be honest, I feel right at home here. People here have the same mindset! I was recently in Delhi for 20 days and I felt right at home. I am not even kidding;everything here is same as what it is back home! I thought to myself that there are so many similarities here, I mean even the pavements are the same, and the billboards are same! It is different with our generation, but decades ago we were the same nation, we were one. We share the same “mitti” that is the reason you will not see much difference in thinking, mindset and style of living.

Is there any actor who has inspired you or you look upto in Bollywood?
Hrithik Roshan! I have read about him, seen his body of work and he is someone who really inspires me. He is a great dancer, superb actor, he has a great sense of style and a great action hero. Other actors like Shah Rukh, Salman, Akshay and others in your industry are also very inspiring. The amount of effort they put in their acting, actually shows. You cannot see so much investment in any other industry. Indian Film Industry really works hard on the ‘entertainment’ part for the people.

Any particular role that you wished that you had done?
Yes, I saw Haider and instantly fell in love with the character. Iwish I had a role like that. It is a role to die for! Other than this, Ireally wish to do a period film. There is a certain charm about them, the script, the lyrical dialogue, get up etc. I would like to do any role that challenges me as an actor.

Would you like to give a message to your Follo’ers?
A big thank you to everybody who watches our drama and plays, and appreciates them, it is very touching. I mean when I landed at the airport, people recognized me and came for pictures it felt great. I am thankful to Zindagi, because earlier no one could enjoy our serials and now it is easily available. Just keep loving us, and we love our Indian fans just as much!