Jasbir Jassi: I Cannot Listen To Dirty Lyrics| follo.in

Jasbir Jassi has given us some of the most memorable songs in the millennial. The 46-year-old singer spoke to Follo about his favourite genre in music, things he loves about music today and also what he doesn’t…

There are many music artists from Punjab today. Do you feel good about the fact that there are artists representing the state today?

If there’s one thing I don’t like in music, it’s dirty lyrics. It’s very sad that the singers coming from Punjab are writing songs on violence and women. People in Punjab are getting angry about Udta Punjab and what it shows, but there are so many music artists who’re writing just about drinking, taking women out and such bad lyrics! I have always spoken out about this issue. In fact, just recently, a co-passenger in a flight I was in said his two little daughters sing those songs and he feels very uncomfortable about the fact. They don’t even know what they’re singing.

Your songs from the 90s have becomes classics, so much that they’ve transcended through generations. How do you feel about that?

I feel really good that my songs have such longevity. Whenever I make music, whether it’s pop or classical, I try to see that there’s a recall value in it. The sounds and beats I create and fuse in my song, I try to do them in such a way that people enjoy them for a long time.

What are your go-to songs when…
1.    You go for a drive – I love Sufi and I love listening to classical music.
2.    Angry – (laughs) Well, chanting ‘Om’ works well for such times

It was World Music Day recently. What’s the importance of music in your life?

Music transcends through language. Beats, sounds and music go beyond the limitations of language. I love folk. Any kind of folk, traditional music is something I can relate to. It can be South folk or even eastern.

When are we going to hear something from you next and what is it?

Well, I am working on a single. I’m mixing the song ‘mera piya ghar aya’ that was originally written by Bulle Shah with house techno beats. Bulle Shah is one of the singers who’s influenced me the most and I think people will love this one.