Kareena Kapoor Gets Candid About Love, Social Media And More| follo.in

Kareena Kapoor Khan fondly known as the Begum of Bollywood charms one instantly with the disarming honesty and frankness of her answers, and the time we met her was no different.
When asked about the nasty spat of break-ups and divorces happening in Bollywood of late, she said that break-ups are very personal and no one knows what is happening behind the closed doors. What makes it nastier is that these break-ups and splits are being written about so much and discussed in public.
Regarding the rumours and questions of the recent Ranbir-Katrina break up, she replies that she cannot comment on their relationship, for whatever has happened is between them. Ranbir is her cousin and she is close to him, but this is his personal life and she does not wish to discuss it in public. However, she wishes them both the best in their lives. She shared that this is her personal mantra, rule or whatever one may call it, of not interfering in anyone's life. 
On being asked if these splits make her worry about her own marriage with Saif and if she thinks that the toll of stardom is responsible for the increasing break-ups, she replied in negative. She asserted that she and Saif are in a very secure relationship. Even when they both met early in their relationship, they were very stable in their careers, so she does not have much to worry about. She confesses that it is not the pressure of the stardom that takes the toll on the relationship, but the commitment to discuss and overcome the problems in it. 
She said that one has to put efforts in a relationship to make it work. Despite the hectic schedule and the erratic work patterns they share, both of them take efforts to make time to spend quality time with one another. She believes it is of utmost importance to spend time in each other's company, to talk and understand each other. She said that love requires time and patience, and it is vital to make time for each other.
On complaining that she is inaccessible due to her absence on various social media platforms, she replied that she is from old school and is not very comfortable with the idea of social media. She believes in picking up the phone and calling the person, rather than wishing them on Twitter. She also said that she is appalled at how short and superfluous the conversations have become. If she has to wish or congratulate someone, she would rather call as it is more personal. 
When prodded if she is joining any form of social media, to communicate with her fans, she said that she does movies and campaigns as a method to communicate with them. She pointed out to her loyal fan clubs and thanked them for their quick online presence and the effort they put in, to keep the world updated with her movements. She exclaimed that she loves the way all her fans are possessive about her and are ready to bajao anyone if they spread malicious rumours!