Kavita Radheshyam: I am Glad To Be Called India’s Kim Kardashian| follo.in

Kavita Radheshyam began acting in street plays for raise awareness against AIDS and moved to Mumbai to fulfill her wish of becoming an actress. In almost every Faisal Saif film today, Kavita has achieved her dream and she’s elated to called India’s Kim Kardashian too. Follo.in had a little chat with the actress anf here’s what she had to say…

Where did it all start?

I used to participate in nukkad nautanki (street plays) and we used to perform plays to raise awareness against AIDS. I developed my confidence of performing from there. My audience then was a bunch that probably didn’t understand much because most were not literate in the slums we went and performed in. But, that was my start and I loved doing it!

Did you feel your plays were impacting the population?

Oh, yes! I remember we once went to a slum area in Janakpuri (New Delhi) and we performed as usual. After the play these young girls came to us and asked us for more details. They were very curious. It was so good to see these girls interested in what we had to say. Mostly our audience used to laugh it off because topics such as these are not openly discussed.

You’ve been called India’s Kim Kardashian. How did that happen?

(laughs). I was shooting for a film and my mentor Faisal Saif called me and told me about this. I’d clicked a few photos posing like Kim, as a tribute to her. I didn’t know it would lead to me being called the Kim Kardashian of India. I was elated to find out!

Among actors/actresses in Bollywood or South cinema, who’s on your wishlist…ones you want to work with?

It’s my lifelong dream to work with Kamal Haasan. Also, Smita Patil. But, I can’t work with her for obvious reasons. But, I hope to work with Kamal Haasan someday.

What are your upcoming films that we should keep an eye for?

I am working on a film called Twister. It’s being directed by Karan Kashyap. The film is about two sisters and the bond between them, their ups and downs. I’m also working on a film called Shraap. This one is being directed by Faisal Saif. I am playing a journalist in the film, just like you guys! But, I’m a full blown masala news maker and there’s a twist to the story. Due to a shraap (curse) on me, I turn into a vampire every Tuesday. This film has Himani Shivpuri, Puneet Vashisht and lots of other amazing people and we shot our first schedule in Shillong. I’m acting in another film by Faisal Saif called Shaitaan with a Bangladeshi superstar. That will release next year.