Know Your Tarot Readings By Karina Bhavnani For April-May 2016|

There is a huge shift happening in the energies inside you and in your external space. This shift may be causing a lot of confusion. But if you can manage your own energies well through meditation and breath work, you will be a ready vessel to receive the abundance that is coming your way. To make your dreams come true, you can go for the other available options.

The situation that you are in, is leaving you feeling very cheated, but what you are not realizing is that you have learnt tremendously from the whole episode. A friendship may have gone sour but it has left you with a wealth of knowledge. Please take all the opportunities that come your way and be more attentive towards your work.
A manipulated situation which you got caught in has left a big hole in your pocket. Let go of the situation, as getting stressed about it will not get you back what you have lost. You will get complete support from your family for an upcoming project. The discomforts that you are going through at home are only a phase and it shall soon pass.
An unhappy situation at home is causing an uneasy feeling within you. But what is happening in your environment will open up doorways to a lot of opportunities. In this day and age you are lucky to get an inflow of money from two sources. A child in the house could be a cause of distraction for you.
You have drawn the card of an empress which means that you are lucky enough to materially benefit in most of the situations. Most of you would not have lacked anything materially. There is an inner voice which guides you but you don't listen enough. Sometimes it's sensible to keep your opinions and feelings to yourself. This month, be aware of the people you deal with in your family circle.
You have had fairly good times in the past. This month a little bit of stress due to a lady may disturb your peace of mind. You have all the luck but a little effort on your part will be required for you to see tangible results. Don't mind too much what people around you say. Create a balance by ignoring what others say.
You have been through a stressful period. A little more patience will be required as a young one in the house will continue to be the cause of stress. Kids will definitely demand more attention this month. Just be patient with them and a lot of things will fall into place.
Things are going very well for you on the face of all things but despite this you are not finding the kind of peace you want at home.  This is probably because of the lack of the desirable response from the independent minded lady at home. Connect with yourself and a lot will change for you.
There is no point in sulking over money matters. Avoid spoiling relationships over money matters. Communication is the key word for you this month as it will benefit you in every way. Good times are in store for you this month.  Your family may not be able to comprehend what you are doing and therefore will not offer you full support. There is still a lot of learning to happen before you embark on your new venture.
There is no doubt that you have been the victim of manipulation. Do not pay so much heed to the feeling of lack that you are experiencing right now. Good times are definitely on the cards but if you are just going to sit in one place and expect things to magically happen, then you're being unrealistic. Efforts will be required for change to happen. The frustration you face is all in your head.
Right now you are probably enjoying money coming in from two sources. If you would have put in more efforts, you would have got much more. You have drawn very good cards for this month. You may face a little bit of stress but they will all be for extremely trivial reasons. 
You are in a good place right now. More like a balanced state of mind. It would be sensible to avoid reacting to a male member at home. You are attracting another source of good income. You will receive hundred percent support from family where work is concerned. Be a little aware. An internal shift is on the cards.
Walk away from the old patterns that you have created for yourself in the past. Child is the father of man and in your case it is absolutely true. A young one at home will be the reason for you to learn more. Not communicating your feelings is not an option for you. Big money means big business and that's what's on the cards for you.
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