Kushal Tandon: I Would Love To Celebrate My Birthday With Alia Bhatt| follo.in

TV heartthrob Kushal Tandon, who just celebrated his 31st, talked to Follo about how his birthday was and his hopes for the rest of 2016.

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

Well this year I celebrated it in my home town with my family and cousins... Very private as my hand is fractured so I thought best way to heal is go home and second I just slipped on a glass table in my room yesterday and I got myself injured again...have 6 stitches on my bum!

What is the one thing that you do on your birthdays every year?

I go to the temple and seek blessings from my parents.

What is your favourite childhood birthday memory?

Once when I was in my boarding school I was very home sick and then my parents gave me a visit.... I was very, very happy!

What is the best part of your birthday every year?

Well, the best part about my birthday every year is I get loads of gifts and everyone pampers me.

You turn a year older this year, what are your resolutions for 2016?

My resolutions for this year are: stay healthy, stick to my no smoking resolution and do lots of work.

Name one Bollywood actress you would love to celebrate your birthday with?

I would love to celebrate my birthday with Alia Bhatt, because I find her damn cute.

What is keeping you busy currently? 

I'm working on myself to be the best version of myself, training in Mixed Martial Arts. I'm also busy designing my new home with my interior designer.  

All your Follo'ers want to know when they can next see you on the big screen?

I will debut in Bollywood as soon as something good comes my way. Even I'm waiting for that eagerly.