Live life your way: Tisca Chopra |

You are basking in the success of Qissa. How was it working with Irrfan?

I've worked with him previously and have known him for a good many years. He builds such an atmosphere on sets that he makes it almost impossible to act badly.
Your hubby Sanjay Chopra is a pilot and a writer. Which aspect of his are you more drawn towards?
I am drawn to both. As a pilot, because I get to travel the world and that too, first class and for free. What is exciting about him being a writer is that he can now pen a script for me. We have flaming arguments at home, but it's never dull.
You first worked with Anil Kapoor in Karobaar (2000) and later in the TV series24. How was the experience?
I played a guest appearance in Karobaar. He was extremely encouraging, has been a great support and a great friend. Working with him on 24 was like a shot of adrenaline. Since 24, I have managed to stay off weight gain, all thanks to him. He wouldn't even eat a quarter of an extra biscuit.
What are your upcoming projects?
It's going to a busy year and I'm thankful to the universe for its bounty. There's a film tentatively titled Affair with Ram Gopal Varma, who is a genius of a man. Then there's Loveshuda by Vaibhav Mishra, Farah's assistant. It's a romantic comedy, something I have been dying to do for a while now. There's Kaksparsh, a period film with Mahesh Manjrekar, starring Arvind Swami. I have a guest appearance in Main Aur Charles, which is about Charles Sobraj. These films will mostly release this year.
You've done theatre, TV, movie, ads. Is there any medium you still want to explore?
I think I would like to explore films more deeply. I am looking for meatier parts or maybe, to write or produce films. I want to get into the craft of filmmaking, not just as an actor.
What drew you towards Buddhism?
Firstly, I don't like isms. I would like to call it a philosophy of life. The minute there is an ism, there'll be people attached to it, some commerce and a herd mentality which I am totally against. What drew me towards it was the fact that you could change your karma or destiny. You understand that your thoughts are creating words which are shaping your actions. You can become what you want to become.
What's the most romantic thing that you have done?
I don't know if it's romantic or not. Before every single flight that my husband takes, we do our prayers together, whether it is 8 in the morning or 2 in the night.
Tell us about your favourite mantra.
Leap and the net will appear. The idea is that I don't make my heart beat, it beats, I don't make my eyes blink, they blink. If you have an idea you didn't put it there yourself, the universe did it. You just continue walking and do it with a smile.
Your message for your Follo'ers...
You don't want to find that at the end of your life, you have lived somebody else's idea of your life. Do things your way, make space for everyone. Have an open mind, listen, weigh and do it your way. At the end of the day, it is your life.