Manasvi Mamgai: I want to be voluptuous|

How did you get into films?

It was just luck by chance. I wanted to act since I was a child, but I didn't know this would be possible. I started modelling and then somebody spotted me and that's how I got this film offer. My instinct told me to take it up and I did.
Were you a victim of any of Ajay Devgn's pranks during the shoot of the film?
The biggest prank that Ajay played on me was that he didn't play a prank at all. I was 'prank ready' every day. But Ajay is very sweet. He is not a chatterbox. If he feels you need help with a scene, he helps you out. He has guided me a lot.
The film also had Sonakshi Sinha and Yami Gautam. How was your rapport with them?
I didn't shoot with Sonakshi in the film, but whenever I go out partying, I meet her. She's a party animal and a bindaas girl. I really like her. I have worked with Yami before. Both of us are from Chandigarh, so we have some common friends and we bonded quite a lot. Overall, it was a great team to work with.
Being a dancer, was it challenging to match steps with Prabhudheva?
When it comes to Prabhu sir, any dancer — be it a professional or an amateur — will be nervous. I love dancing, but when he came for the first rehearsal, I was so nervous that my legs were shaking. The first shot of the song was so difficult that it took me an hour to get that step right. He is a perfectionist. Till you get it right, he won't let you be. So you know that with him, it'll all turn out well.
Tell us the secret behind your sculpted body.
The first time Prabhudheva saw me, he didn't want to cast me because he found me too thin. But I insisted that they see me on camera because I look voluptuous on screen. Frankly, I think I am very thin. I want to be voluptuous. All I need to do is eat a lot.
You were the face of a fairness cream brand. Did you ever feel you were helping reinforce stereotypes?
I was very young at that point of time. I love brown skin, it's so exotic. Using creams to erase blemishes and get a clear complexion is fine, but not to get fairer. I don't understand why people in India have this fixation with fair skin.
What's your personal style mantra?
Since I have to constantly dress up for public appearances, on days when I don't have to, you will see me in flip- flops, torn denims and loose tees. But when I do dress up, I am very particular about my look.
What are you like when in love?
I am a very passionate person. So when I love somebody, I'm very passionate and serious. I can also become very possessive. Whenever I am in love, I am deeply in love. But right now, I am not dating anybody.
Your message for your follo'ers?
Just stay cool and healthy.