Marriage is on the cards: Ileana|

You starred in your first movie at 18. How did it feel to start this young?
Initially, I thought I started working too early, but looking back I'm glad I did. It made me stronger. But I couldn't have done it without my mother. She was with me throughout.
You've said that you want a partner like Varun Dhawan. Why?
No, that's not what I said at all. I had said that Varun is a lovely person and that I think he is the kind of guy, girls would like to bring home to their parents. People just misunderstood and misquoted me.

How was it shooting Happy Ending with Saif Ali Khan?
It's been so much fun shooting for Happy Ending with Saif. I've always loved his sense of humour and comic timing in his films, so I was really looking forward to working with him. I actually got to learn a few things from him and he was very warm and helpful on set. I think the comfort level we shared make the scenes look that much better on screen.
What's the reason for keeping a low profile in the media?
I prefer not talking about my personal life to the media because it would then just become a piece of gossip to everybody. And although I could deal with that, it isn't fair to the people in your life.
Do you believe in marriage? Is it on the cards?
Of course, I believe in marriage. To me, marriage is commitment, devotion, trust and doing all that while living together. It's as good as a live-in relationship for me. It's definitely on the cards, but not any time soon.
How do you spend time after work?
Honestly, I love coming home after a long day at work. Cooking and music relax me. I also like going to a quaint little cafe or restaurant just by myself.
You've said that you have a thing for older men. What is it about them that attracts you?
Well saying it that way just sounds wrong. I did not say I have a thing for older men. I did say that I get along better with older men. I think I'm far more mature than other women my age. Older men are just more mature. I find it easier to talk to men I can have intellectual conversations with.
How have you managed to not be linked to any of your co-stars?
I haven't had any relationships with them other than professional ones.
What's the wackiest pick-up line you've come across?
I love you and your sister and your family. I have a BA and I will take care of you like gold. Please marry me!
Any message for your Follo'ers?
Just a big thank you to the people who've believed in me and still continue to do so. You are the ones who push me to do my best everyday. So lots of love and hugs.