My First Award Was A Chocolate: Jeet Gannguli|

Delivering melodious chartbusters one after another, Jeet Gannguli is on a roll.To know more, follow him at

You started with Tere Liye, did another film and then got into Bengali films. Why did you do that?
When I used to go to Kolkata during Durga Puja, I would hear only Hindi songs and would wonder why Bengali songs weren't being played.That's when my parents and wife encouraged me to create good Bengali music. I started in 2004 and today Bengali songs are played all over.Having said that, Mumbai remained my base. All the singers I needed were in Mumbai. It was due to one of my Bengali songs that I got a chance to work with Mukesh Bhatt.
Your relationship with Mukesh Bhatt has a lot of memorable `phone' incidents. Tell us about them...
He had first heard my song as a caller tune and liked it so much that he contacted me. When he called, I thought someone was playing a prank. I actually disconnected the call but then he texted me and I realised it was actually him! Mukeshji is always ready to hear a tune. I first played the tunes of Muskurane Ki Wajah and the title track of Khamoshiyan to him over the phone.
You have an interesting partnership with Arijit Singh...
It could be the Bong connection. Arijit is like my brother.We just connected. Singers should practice every morning to strengthen their voice and lungs so that they can sing an entire line at one go. Arijit is one of the singers who is brilliant in this aspect. When he sings, he puts his soul into it. I have also worked with Sonu Nigam, who is my all time favourite. He takes it to another level altogether.
Any other tip that you want to give the singers today?
Clean your soul and sing like you are praying! You should hear Javed Ali. Listening to him makes you forget your problems and just feel good.
What are your views about composing one song in a film over composing for the entire album?
One music director should work on the entire film, including the background music. I enjoy doing an entire film. However, you have to accept what is happening today .Directors prefer it that way and it is not a negative thing. A lot of good songs have happened because of this.
How many instruments do you play?
I play the harmonium, tabla, guitar, conga and lit tle bit of sarod. I come from a family , which has been into music for 18 generations. My father plays the accordion while my grandfather was a classical singer. My mother is also a singer and I learnt Rabindra Sangeet from her.
You do a lot of shows. How much confidence do you draw from the fact that you were introduced to the stage early in life?
As a child I used to play tabla with my father on stage. I must have been around five years-old when I started and one person from the audience came up to me and gave me a chocolate. That was my first award. And that gave me so much confidence. You get to learn a lot when fans interact with you. The stage can be both dangerous as well as a great learning ground.