My poetry is an insight into who I really am: Vivek Oberoi|

You are expecting your second child. How has fatherhood changed you?
We are truly blessed to have a wonderful son in Vivaan Veer. And as we are expecting our second child, we are over the moon. Everyone's celebrating. Fatherhood makes you so much more patient and relaxed. It's not what you do for your children but what your children do for you. After a long tiring day, when I return home and see Vivaan run up to me smiling, I forget everything and feel like a new person. What children do for you is magical.
What is it about Priyanka that you love the most?
The fact that she is so real. I work in a world where everything is so make-believe. After doing 36 films in 12 years, I've seen it all. What I like about Priyanka is that she and I share this incredibly honest, sacred, real relationship. I remember the first time we met in Florence and I asked her what she thought about this acting thing and she said that's what you do and not who you are. That nailed it for me.
Would you like your son to join Bollywood?
I just want my son to fly. I want to be the wind beneath his wings. I want him to dream without limitations, whatever makes him happy. He's not even two right now. He loves nature. I always want him to have that openness. He smiles from the heart and that pours out from his face and I want him to have that always, no matter what he does.
We've heard you are a closet poet. Do you wish to take this passion further?
I don't really like sharing my poetry. I have been writing for many years. The last time it was published was in school. I write poetry for my wife, anything that I feel inspired about. I wrote when my son was born. It is basically about documenting my feelings and emotions. It's too much of an insight into who I really am. I have never been inspired emotionally to write about my experience in cinema. It's the other things, like joy, loneliness, the darkness you feel. Poetry has been cathartic. But has never had anything to do with cinema.
Quick Five
The most romantic thing you've done for Priyanka:
The way I proposed to her. It was in Florence on the same bridge that we spent our first date. There was a live band, a horse-drawn carriage and I was in my tux. I went down on my knees with a ring.
The worst rumour you've heard about yourself: I went on a trip to Sri Lanka with Priyanka and when I was back, there was a rumour that I was spotted in Sri Lanka canoodling with somebody.
Your 3am friends in Bollywood:
Riteish and Aftab.
The one thing you don't leave home without: My music.
One actress in Bollywood you are dying to work with: After seeing Mary Kom, I want to work with Priyanka Chopra. She's fantastic. I'm really looking forward to working with her.