My show will be very inspirational: Tara Sharma|

How do you keep busy these days?
I've been busy with my children, Zen and Kai and the third season of my TV show, The Tara Sharma Show, which will be telecast in November. It's a parenting show, that's written by me and coproduced by me and my husband Roopak Saluja's company . I also run after my prospective guests.
Now that you are making a comeback with your TV show, what is it that we can look forward to?
This season is going to be very exciting as we'll be discussing topical parenting issues. So, we have celebrity parents as well as regular parents and those who have faced several obstacles. It will be very inspirational.
How do you balance kids, home and a career?
We actually have an episode on this on our show; on working mums, mumpreneurs, which is a new term for people like me who have created work around their chil dren. I realised quite early when my kids were little that I enjoy being a hands-on mum. But slowly I wanted to get back to work. I came up with this idea four years ago of creating my show, The Tara Sharma Show: Diaries Of A New Mum. The idea was to be non-patronising. I keep saying that I'm not an expert. I make mistakes as well, so maybe we can share our experiences and learn from each other.
Was it love at first sight with Roopak?
We met at a common friend's wedding. Sadly, those friends split, but they always say that the best thing that came out of their wedding was that we got together.At the wedding it was pretty much love at first sight. It was very exciting and Roopak is very romantic. We met at a time when both of us were ready for the right person.
So tell us about your sons, Zen and Kai. Who's the naughtier of the two?
Both of them are very naughty and very nice. And having two little boys who are less than two years apart in age, this house is like circus half the time. And now, we have added a puppy to the circus and it's full action.People ask me how I'm in shape and I think running after them keeps me fit.
What is your style mantra like?
I've become more stylish ever since I've become a mum.I've been experimenting a lot with my wardrobe and look and I'm really enjoying it.
You don't look like a mother of two. What's the secret to your fitness?
For me, the mantra is about consistency and quality. I've been running and doing yoga since I was in school.While earlier it was for an hour or more, now it's only for 15 minutes, but I've been consistent and that's worked for me. In my case it's a mix of genes, metabolism and just being balanced.
Any message for your follo'ers?
Thank you Follo'ers. The only reason that I can create what I create is because of you. I am very active on social networking sites sand I don't let my team do anything. One of the things that my late father taught me is that if what you want to do doesn't exist, create it. Always reinvent yourself, never stagnate. Usually, when you GET MARRIED and have kids, roles dry up. You can easily start feeling like a flop. Having kids has been the biggest inspiration of my life. It made me creative and I do what I love doing.I'm grateful to my follo'ers because the encouragement comes from them.