Now my heartbreaks don’t last for more than 24 hours:Taapsee Pannu|

What does your name mean?
That's one question that everyone always asks me. I don't blame them because it's so unique. It means 'tapasvini', a Sanskrit word for a woman who meditates.
You are a B.Tech in Computer Science. How did movies happen?
I consider myself destiny's child. I believe my luck line is stronger than my life line. I was never in the running to become an actor. I started getting a lot of movie offers from the South while modeling. My first Tamil film got six National Awards. and then there was no looking back.
How was it working with Akshay Kumar in Baby?
Akshay has equally good comic timing off screen as he has on screen. He is so calm and relaxed that you wonder if he can ever get angry. And he's very fit, as everyone knows.
How does it feel being compared to Preity Zinta?
I've been hearing this since I was in Standard 8. I feel nice as she's one of the most beautiful actresses around. She has got some real guts to have achieved what she has apart from Bollywood. But then, I don't want people to set a benchmark as that gets difficult.
Who is your type of a guy?
I've always maintained that respect comes before love, especially in the profession I am. He has to respect me for who I am and what I have achieved and I will do the same. Only then will love blossom.
Have you experienced a heartbreak?
I have experienced a lot of them. After my first heartbreak, I became so strong that now my heartbreaks don't last for more than 24 hours. I'm very gullible, I tend to trust people easily probably because I feel I'm transparent as a person and can be trusted. Ultimately, I get stabbed in the back. But, I don't change. It's the way I am.
How much of a foodie are you?
I live to eat. I am such a hardcore Punjabi that food is a mood booster. It can make or break my day. I don't believe in compromising on food. It's a sin.
Tell us about your upcoming projects.
In Hindi, I have a film called RunningShaadi.Com, which is ready to release this summer. I am going to start working on Agra Ka Dabra, where I am paired with Ayushmann Khurrana.
Your message for your follo'ers.
Thank you so much for Follo'ing me. Please expect something nice and fun from me and be a part of it because you are my sole motivation.