People won’t compare Kahaani to Kahaani 2: Vidya Balan|

In an exclusive interview with FOLLO, versatile actress Vidya Balan talks about her upcoming film Kahaani 2 and why it has been one of her most challenging experiences. Read to know more.

Tell us about your journey from Kahaani to Kahaani 2?
It's been absolutely fabulous. People have loved Kahaani and there is a lot of expectation from Kahaani 2. Sujoy had started exploring on various ideas and he used to bring those ideas to me. We never agreed on any of those ideas and hence we decided to make some other film. However, that film did not get made and we did not speak to each other for a while. Then one day he came back to me with some idea, which he believed would be good for Kahaani 2. When he narrated the idea, I completely agreed with him. 

There is always added pressure when you work on a sequel as expectations are higher. Agreed?
Which is why I told Sujoy do you really want to make this film as Kahaani 2. But after hearing the script I knew it had to be Kahaani 2 and nothing else! We know there is a lot of expectation but it also means that people are eager to see Kahaani 2 and that gives us hope. After watching the trailer people have understood that the two films are different and aren’t comparing them. 

How challenging was Kahaani 2?
This film and the character of Durga Rani Singh was very challenging because the character is very layered. She is not what she seems to be. Unlike the pleasant and affable Vidya Bagchi,  who earned the sympathy of people, Durga Rani Singh is withdrawn and lives in her own world. So people also don’t really understand her and do not know whether to trust her or not. 
Any message for fans?
Please come to the theatres on the December 2 and watch Kahaani 2!