Sharman Joshi Explains Why He Took To Erotica|

The 3 Idiots actor will soon be seen in yet another erotica Wajah Tum Ho. And while many of his fans may be complaining for his stooping from his intelligent actor status, Sharman Joshi defends his decision saying it is a challenge for him as an actor. 
For an actor who has been seen in films like 3 Idiots and Life… in a Metro, what got you to be a part of an erotica like Wajah Tum Ho?

Work is religion for me. Work is work and as an actor any kind of work is exciting and interesting for me. Every film has its own place and audience. Maybe some people would not like such a film, but there will also be people who like such films. And from the collections of Hate Story 3, clearly a lot of people like such films. I was inspired by the character, the story. So I did the film.

You play cop for the first time in this film.

Full credit to Vishal and Bhushan. For having belief in the script and in the actor that he will be able to pull of something he has never done. A cop is not something people generally see me as by virtue of the characters I have played. But Vishal had promised me during Hate Story 3 that he would write something that I would really thank him for. And that’s the kind of role I have in this film. The character has a great mix of quiet aggression humour. Also because of thenuances that Vishal brings in as a director, it ups the challenges for me as an actor.

Unlike Hate Story 3, this film apparently does not have you in intimate scenes.

I am playing a cop. This time the character has a daughter as well. And unfortunately this time I am not a part of any of the erotica on screen. Maybe next year!
When do we seen you back in comedies?

Soon! I have just started shooting for a film. Sana (Khan) is also a part of it. It should hopefully release next year.