Sharman Joshi: I Was Highly Insecure That As A Film Personality, I Should Not Go Back To Theatre|

The actor, who is known for his comic timing, seems to have come a long way with his latest film 'Hate Story 3'. To know more, go to

Do you think it's necessary to play to the gallery in Bollywood, considering you became popular after Style rather than your acclaimed debut film Godmother?
Not at all! The world of cinema is made up of all kinds of films. Also, it is not easy to do commercial cinema and I have tremendous respect for it. And commercial cinema gives you the strength to eventually do the kind of cinema you want to do.
It took some time for you to shake off the 'funny guy' tag...
I am glad that a strong perception was created and people believed that this (comedy) is where I belonged. That's because the work was accepted so well.
Two of your films, 'Rang De Basanti' and '3 Idiots', rate among the most important films made in Bollywood in the last decade. Comment.
They are landmark films of Indian cinema and I'm extremely fortunate to be a part of these two films. I believe these happened due to the hand of God. I don't want to take away from the fine filmmakers but even they would agree that sometimes, some things are just meant to be and however hard you may try to not get it right, you will still get it right.
'Hate Story 3' is easily your most hated work, critically, albeit a hit.
That's what I like about it. I am carving my own path and I wanted to do an erotic thriller at some point of time. I wanted to see if I could pull it off as an actor. There might be some who ask why walk down that path, but I say, why not? Also, many erotic films come, but not all work. So obviously, we got it right.
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How will you feel if your kids want to watch 'Hate Story 3'?
Now, they are too young. Once they are slightly older and start surfing the net on their own, I will tell them that this is one film, I don't want them to watch before they are 18!
You got back to theatre with Raj Raja Ram Aur Main, in which you play multiple characters.
In the grand rehearsals, I had kind of given up and told my director Kedar Shinde that I can't do it. I don't have time to breathe, let alone change clothes and walk in as the next character. If I don't get my foot into a pant leg in that designated second, I miss the entry at that right time! So, we had to rehearse a lot to get it right. Out of the 70 odd shows, we have messed up on two or three occasions. I had done the Gujarati version of this play 10 years ago and I had sense of what I was required to do.
So, you continue to do theatre.
I have now promised myself that I am never going to give it up. In my head, I was highly insecure that as a film personality, I should not go back to theatre. But, theatre allows you to hone your skills. A month after I started this play, I felt that my sense of timing has become better and sharper.