Shivin Narang Gets Nostalgic About Tajmahal!|

TV actor Shivin Narang who was last seen in Ek Veer Ki Ardas Veera as a lead visited Taj Mahal with his cousin.     

Shivin says,"It was not my first visit to Taj Mahal.I am basically from Delhi so I have visited Taj Mahal many times.My cousins was there me and they wanted to visit Taj Mahal.  I just took them to visit Taj Mahal so it was their first visit to Taj Mahal."

When asked about the experience visiting Taj Mahal he says,"It was very nice experience. I really like to visit the old monuments and to know about the story of that monument.I love to explore historical place and to know about them that how was it made and what stones were used to make the monument. Taj Mahal is very beautiful and it is one of the seven wonders of the world so I feel proud whenever I visit Taj Mahal.People from different places and different countries comes to visit Taj Mahal."

The actor further adds,"It is considered to be the epitome of romance.It is the biggest example of love that Shahjahan made for her love and it took 22 years to make Taj Mahal. It is a lifetime gift and the biggest for her love."