Something takes over me during Diwali: Purab Kohli|

Purab Kohli shares with us his love for sweets, diyas and card games during Diwali. Read to know his plans for this year

How special is Diwali for you? What are the plans for the festival this year?

Diwali is always very special for me. I loveeverything that surrounds it though I've surely been growing away from firecrackers. But diyas, the food, the parties and cards I totally love. Also getting to spend time with the family and meeting friends that you don't see so often in your busy life. I'm looking forward to all these things this Diwali. Especially since I've been working a lot through this year and hardly seen family and friends... 

Tell us about childhood memories related to Diwali?

There are so many! But one that stands out is the first trip I made with my friends where no parents were supervising. We were in the 9th standard and six of us took off to Lonavla for Diwali. It's was so much fun, from door to door we did it all ourselves. It's was a great holiday with some great outdoor adventures in the hills.

What was your favourite food from among the Diwali snacks?

Mithai! I'm not a big eater of Indian sweets but during Diwali, I don't know what takes over me. I eat mithai like it's  my last chance to! Kalakand is normally my fav and jalebis.

As a kid did you burst crackers? 

Yes, I did burst crackers but I don't like the noisy ones. I usually liked the ones that flare up in the sky. It's always been a display of lights that did it for me more than the noise. 

Have you ever made rangolis and kandils?

No, I don't but it's always done in my house.

Is there anything specific that you do at home every Diwali?

There is definitely a card party and lots of yummy goodies to eat. This year we are doing a havan too which we don't normally do during Diwali. But Lucy and my dad both feel we must...

Any message to your fans?

Be safe and have fun and try not stepping on other people's feet this Diwali :)