Surveen Chawla: I think every girl is trying to discover her type of guy|

Surveen Chawla is not afraid to take risks with her career, defending her choices so logically they seem anything but risks. To know more, go to

You've said that Hate Story 2 wasn't an ideal debut. What made you go ahead with it?
The very fact that it wasn't an ideal debut made me sign the film. I'm a bit of a risk taker, that's why I went ahead and quit my TV career at the peak. With TV, the lure of a big fat pay cheque at the end of the month makes you feel secure, but films are a field of complete uncertainty. I wanted to challenge myself and do roles of my choice.
What was your family's reaction to the film?
There were rumours of my parents getting upset for doing those scenes, but I was quick to rubbish them. When my dad had gone to a multiplex in Chandigarh to watch a film, he happened to see a backless poster of mine. He immediately called me up and said, 'Well, you look hot!' I wouldn't have been here if it hadn't been for their support.
Tell us about your upcoming projects.
I am doing Parched, which is one of the most beautiful journeys I've had in so many years of my work, transforming me to a great degree. The film is an expression of what every woman wants to say. Tannishtha (Chatterjee), Radhika (Apte) and I have had the most brilliant experiences. It's a fantastic film and I cannot wait for its release. I think it might travel across festivals before releasing in India. I play a nautch dancer in the film. It's bold superficially but with a lot of depth.
How was your experience working in Ugly?
We shot the film before I even signed 'Hate Story 2'. The sole reason for signing 'Ugly' was my desire to work with Anurag Kashyap. He gets the character out of you from who you are, which is why his characters are so real. They stand on their own. I'd give up anything to work with him again.
Tell us about your fashion dos and don'ts.
Don't wear what you are not comfortable in because the key is you can carry off anything as long as you are comfortable. So, that's the do and that's the don't.
What are the three things we don't know about you?
I love baingan ka bharta and can have it 365 days. I unwind even on the roads of Mumbai by driving around town. The moment the wheel comes in my hand, I'm relaxed even if I have had the most exhausting day. I sing. I have been trained in classical music. I plan to go back to it and sing in one of my films very soon.
What's your type of guy?
I think every girl is trying to discover her type of guy. However, that type never existed for me because I think we become too unreal when we do that. We want the picture to be absolutely perfect and glorious. But to be able to find imperfections in a guy and see that those things only will make your relationship perfect is what counts. Your kind of perfect guy resides within you and not outside.
Have you ever kissed and regretted?
No. You have to kiss a hundred frogs to get your prince.
Message for your follo'ers.
Keep loving me. Love me more with all the work I do. Hopefully I'll keep entertaining you because at the end of the day all of us actors, we are of the people and for the people. We are nothing without them.