Tarot Readings By Karina Bhavnani(March-April 2016)| follo.in

Things may not be moving as fast as you want them to be moving .But as times change, speed also changes. At this time , do not lose sight of your inner potential and never lose sight of who you really are.......remember to breathe properly so as to activate your energies. And never lose courage.....
You seem to be getting this feeling over and over again that opportunities are not coming easy to you. The cards reveal that you are not looking at the right places for your answers. A mature individual will soon come your way to relieve you and will furnish you with your answers. You may end up inheriting a wealth of knowledge and maybe a business. This month will mark a new beginning for many of you.
If you really look around,  you will realize how much things have changed...... This is the time when you really need to connect with yourself and contemplate whether you really want all of what is happening. If you are smart and aware enough, you will select wisely. A sudden incident may sweep the carpet from under your feet. This is the time when rigidity will not really work for you, whether you are being rigid or someone is being rigid with you...... None of that will work. Embrace the change with awareness.........
You are faced with a situation right now which you feel may never change.  But please understand that everything changes and this phase will also change hands. There are always lessons to be learnt from everything that happens and you also have to learn to deal with situations differently. Some efforts have to be put in from your side. 
You are probably faced with two different but slightly difficult women at the same time. It's probably just the way you think of them. Whatever the situation, you are in no mood to sulk. You seem to be making the best of a difficult phase in your life.  Just be aware enough and guard yourself well. This month is the month of transition for you......
There seems to be some kind of a heartache that you are going through. You are probably not being guided well by your so called friends. You definitely need the support of your family members in every way. Listen to your inner voice as that will never misguide you. Allow and welcome the change that happens this month.
In the quest for keeping this one person in the family happy, you are foregoing your own happiness. It's ok to carry on with what you are doing, but first figure out the basis of why you are doing it. Is fear or love ?  This month  a lot of inner transition may happen which will force you to take bold steps. It's a good month if you look at it from the spiritual angle...
You are feeling dissatisfied despite things going the way you want them to go. Please express yourself at work and at home because this is the only way that you can really reach out to people and get things done. There will be positive changes at work which will ease a lot of things around. 
You are working hard and with full loyalty, but the question that keeps popping up in your head is that where is all this leading to? You do feel frustrated and disheartened at times but if you work with a balance ,you will benefit completely. Making inner adjustment is the trick that works the best. This month will bring you some good news.
The big question taking its rounds in your head is whether you are being manipulated or not...... This is a month of revelation for you. If you are aware enough and willing to open your eyes to the truth, you will see it. You will get the support that you require from your family. There are new beginnings for you in terms of relationships and maybe work also. You will end up being victorious.     
Despite having enough, you still feel that you don't have enough..... This is only a feeling that you have and not the reality. You have more than enough......  Also you need to update yourself.  You want to learn something.....go ahead and do it.  You have to free yourself of your own inner demons which stop you from growing.
You are a fiercely independent star sign......and if you are a woman, more so. You are feeling stressed and helpless right now whether the reason is justified or not. You do have everything going well for you, but only if you open your eyes and see it. Try not to dig your own grave.  Beware of what is yours as there is a possibility of it being snatched away from you. Try and get your family to be on your side.
A not so good news will not go down well with you. Be courageous should a situation like this arise. Walking away from pain is not always the solution. The good news is that a new family venture may begin which will drive away any discomforting situation. Be prepared, as a young one may just throw tantrums.