Tatva K, The Man Who Pioneered Re’fixes’!| follo.in

 Tatva K calls his renditions of famous songs ‘refixes’ rather than what’s generally used - remix. He says while the songs are nice, he fixes them to make them better for the dance floor. A chat with the honest musician, who’s feet are firmly on ground while he rises up in the music business, unraveled an interesting personality. Here’s an excerpt…

Has any musician ever taken offence to your refixes?
Of course, they have. But, I respect them a lot. I totally appreciate their music but if I think I can do something better with the song I will do it. Also, I am not to bothered about what the musicians have to say. There will always be people saying something or the other. I’ll do what I feel is right.
You’re uninhibitedly yourself, with your red hair and your own style. What inspired you and your ‘swag’?
(laughs) Well, I always want to be myself, no matter who I become. I am blessed to have so much in my life. My style is nothing but being myself and not giving a damn about what others have to say about it. I wanted red hair so I got it coloured. There’s no style inspiration as such. I do what I want. What you call swag is, for me, just being myself.
With so much competition in the music industry today, how do you think one can maintain his/her fandom and shelf life?
For me, humility is the answer. I cannot think of anything else that’s as important. I think if you remain humble you can keep rising and people will keep loving you. It’s not always about the music I make, it’s about how I relate with people. If I don’t make long lasting relations nobody would want to work with me.
How do you take criticism, especially on social media?
I have a rule – to detatch myself from the music after it’s done and uploaded. A lot of people check the views and likes and all that every day. Once I make something and I upload it, it’s done. I disconnect myself from it. I don’t get bothered with what people say or how many views it gets. I know what sort of hard work I put into it. Also, then I can focus on my next project better.